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This publication is based on a draft presented by Eric Boa from CABI Bioscience. The author first became involved with wild edible fungi through Jim Waller, a colleague from CABI Bioscience. This led to the Miombo Edible Fungi project, funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) from 1999 to 2002 and carried out in conjunction with the Forestry Research Institute of Malawi. Paul Kirk, Gerald Meke and Janet Lowore made major contributions to this project and towards the author’s own understanding of wild edible fungi and their use by rural people.

The author was repeatedly intrigued and astounded by how much has been written about wild edible fungi, often buried away in reports and other less visible places. Two British colleagues, Brian Morris and Graham Piearce, have been a particular inspiration. Both have undertaken broad and sustained researches that have not only helped to demonstrate the importance of wild edible fungi to people in southern Africa, but have also raised awareness on a broader front of an often neglected resource. Graham has been a generous and prompt provider of comments, information and photographs.

Dave Pilz of the United States is one of a group of scientists who have worked on wild edible fungi in the Pacific northwest. Their work has also been an inspiration and source of insights. The author thanks Dave in particular for the benefit of his insights on critical scientific issues. Jeffery Bentley has done much to educate me on people issues and without this I would still be struggling to make the enriching connections between science and development. At FAO, Laura Russo suggested that the author should write this book, while Sven Walter has overseen the execution, casting a patient yet critical eye over the manuscript. The author thanks him and his colleagues, in particular Florance Egal, François N’Deckere-Ziangba, Jorike Potters, Mette Loyche-Wilkie, Michel Laverdičre, Olman Serrano, Paul Vantomme, Peter Bailey and Tina Etherington, for their comments. The author thanks his family for giving him the time to complete the task and other friends who provided him with accommodation and peace to write.

The other people who have helped are arranged alphabetically by first name.

Alessandra Zambonelli (Italy); Anabela Martins (Portugal); Ana Franco-Molano (Colombia); André de Meijer (Brazil); André de Kesel (Belgium); Andrew Pulford (UK); Antonella Amicucci (Italy); Anxious Masuka (Zimbabwe); Arailde Fuentes (Brazil); Arie Bijl (South Africa); Attila Hegedus (Hungary); Bart Buyck (France); Brenda Down (UK and Sierra Leone); Brian Morris (UK); Caroline Boa (UK); Daniel Winkler (USA); Dave Pilz (USA); David Minter (UK); Dennis Desjardin (USA); Duncan Boa (UK); Elaine Marshall (UK and Mexico); Else Vellinga (USA); Emidio Borghi (Italy); Frank Taylor (Botswana); Gene Yetter (USA); Georges René (Italy and Haiti); Gerald Meke (Malawi); Gerritt Marais (South Africa); Gianluigi Gregori (Italy); H Hosaka (Lao People’s Democratic Republic); Graham Piearce (UK); Giuseppe Cardinale (Italy); Harry Evans (UK); Hildegun Flom (Norway); Ian Hall (New Zealand); Ibu Leyulani (Indonesia); Irina Gorbunova (Russia Federation); Irma Gamundí (Argentina); Janet Probyn (Lowore) (Malawi); Javier Lander (Spain); Jerry Cooper (New Zealand); Jim Waller (UK); Jimmy Lowore (deceased: Malawi); Jolanda Roux (South Africa); Lauro Russo (Italy); Lesley Ragab (UK); Luba Nanaguylan (Armenia); Luo Ghuozhong (China); M. Snowarski (Poland); Marc Ducousso (France); Maria Chamberlain (UK); Maria Teresa Schifino-Wittmann (Brazil); Marisela Zamora-Martínez (Mexico); Marja Härkönen (Finland); Mary Apetorgbor (Ghana); Meral Gurer (Turkey); Mike Howard (South Africa); Miriam de Román (Spain); Myles Mander (South Africa); Necla Caglarirmark (Turkey); Paul House (Honduras and UK); Paul Kirk (UK); Phuntsho Namgyel (Bhutan); Pierluigi and Luna the dog (Urbino, Italy); Roberto Flores (Guatemala); Rory McBurney (UK); Roy Watling (Scotland); Sara Maltoni and her mother (Sardinia); Seona Anderson (UK); Sinclair Tedder (Canada); Solomon Wasser (Israel); Soulemane Yorou (Benin); Stephanos Diamandis (Greece); Susan Alexander (USA); Sven Walter (Italy); Tim Livesey (UK); Warren Priest (UK); Yun Wang (China and New Zealand).

These friends and colleagues have provided the author with much information. Any errors in presentation or interpretation remain with the author and FAO. Paul Kirk has checked scientific names for wild fungi and suggested changes to reflect current taxonomic thinking. This is an area of some confusion and there are doubtless further changes that need to be made to the lists compiled for the book. New initiatives on wild edible fungi are being developed, aimed at sustainable use by rural people, particularly but not exclusively in developing countries.

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