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The FAO Interregional Cooperative Research Network on Nuts was established in Yalova (Turkey) in 1990 to work on the area of nut trees. In 1996, an agreement between FAO and CIHEAM was reached to jointly operate this Research Network which from then on has been supported by FAO-CIHEAM[1]. The Coordination Centre is IRTA (Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries), Mas Bové, Reus, Spain since the start.

The main objectives are the promotion of exchange of information among different Mediterranean partners, establishment of joint research programmes, exchange of germplasm, establishment of close links between researchers, thus fostering a spirit of cooperation.

An important activity of the Network is the compilation of germplasm inventories and research catalogues which is supported by FAO (REU and AGPS) and by CIHEAM-IAMZ.

The Liaison Officers of the different Subnetworks, with special input from the Genetic Resources Subnetwork Liaison Officer, were requested to compile the genetic resources of each of the cultivated nut tree species and wild relatives which are kept in the main research institutions and germplasm repositories including also a survey on the ongoing research in the main producing countries.

The Inventory of Walnut Research, Germplasm and References is the fourth after those of Almond (REUR Technical Series 51, 1997), Hazelnut ((REU Technical Series 56, 2000) and Chestnut (REU Technical Series 65, 2001). The information published was provided by scientists involved in walnut research worldwide. The Catalogue on the other species considered (pistachio) will follow.

This inventory on walnut is divided in six different sections: introduction, walnut germplasm inventory, description of the main characteristics of native cultivars of each country, research inventory, description of the research projects and selected references (1990-2001). The information gathered was provided by curators and scientists involved in walnut conservation and research worldwide and compiled by E. Germain.


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