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This section contains Tables D1 to D17 referred to in the regional reviews (Section B) and the global review on tunas (Chapter C1). Since these tables summarize information that is supplementary to that provided in previous sections, reference should be made to the pertaining regional or global reviews for further details and clarification regarding the fish resources in each FAO Statistical Area. Each table includes for each of the main stocks or group of species in the Area a short list of the main fishing countries, catch data for each year from 1996 to 2002 and ten-year averages from 1950 to 1999, as well as a brief annotation on their state of exploitation. Grand totals of marine capture. Marine aquaculture and total production (capture plus aquaculture) are included at the bottom of each table. Brief notes describing the criteria and symbols used in the following tables are provided below.

Catch and landings

All catches are expressed in tonnes and are rounded to the nearest thousand. The concept “nominal catch” (usually referred to as “catch” throughout the document), refers to the landings converted to live weight basis. The main sources of the catch and landing information are:

-   FAO Yearbook of Fishery Statistics (catches and landings), FAO, Rome

-   FAO FishStat Plus ( statist/FISOFT/FISHPLUS.asp)

-   FishBase (

-   CECAF Statistical Bulletins (for the Eastern Central Atlantic, Area 34)

-   GFCM Statistical Bulletins (for the Mediterranean and Black Sea, Area 37)

-   Various national and regional bulletins and reports (for various Areas)

Stock or species groups

Each table includes selected exploited or exploitable stocks or groups of species. Criteria for selection includes high volume of current or historical catches, high commercial value and high potential for development. These have been grouped by FAO ISSCAAP (International Standard Statistical Classification of Aquatic Animals and Plants) species groups using the most recent changes descriubedc below.

Some changes in the ISSCAAP grouping have been introduced in the latest version of the Yearbook of Fishery Statistics and the FAO FishStat Plus, these have been included in this review. These changes follow the recommendation of the 19th Session of the Coordinating Working Party on Fishery Statistics - CWP (Nouméa, New Caledonia, 10–13 July 2001). Accordingly, the names and composition of former groups 33, 34 and 37 of the FAO International Standard Statistical Classification of Aquatic Animals and Plants (ISSCAAP) have been revised as follows (the chart below better illustrate these ISSCAAP group changes):

-   the species items of the former group 33 “Redfishes, basses, congers” were classified as coastal or demersal fishes and accordingly assigned to the new groups 33 “Miscellaneous coastal fishes” and 34 “Miscellaneous demersal fishes”;

-   the species formerly included in group 34 “Jacks, mullets, sauries” were moved to group 37, which was renamed “Miscellaneous pelagic fishes”.

ISSCAAP Group changes

CodeOld ISSCAAP groupNew ISSCAAP groupSpecies addedSpecies removed
33Redfishes, basses, congersMiscellaneous coastal fishesMullets & threadfinsDemersal species from group 33
34Jacks, mullets, sauriesMiscellaneous demersal fishesDemersal species from group 33; snoeks & cutlassfishesAll species from group 34 except lanternfishes
37Mackerels, snoeks, cutlassfishesMiscellaneous pelagic fishesAll species from group 34 except mullets & threadfinsSnoeks & cutlassfishes

Main fishing countries

Up to a maximum of four main fishing countries are listed for each stock or species group and countries are listed in ranking order by catch size in 2002.

State of exploitation

The state of exploitation as shown by the abbreviations below represents our best and most recent estimate of the state of the stock, its potential for increased production or requirement for stock recovery. The estimates are based on the best information available, which may include the results of peer-reviewed published reports as well as the analysis of qualitative data and information whose reliability may vary from one region to another as well as between stocks or groups of the same or of different species within the same area.

? (or blank) = Not known or uncertain. Not much information is available to make a judgment;

U = Underexploited, undeveloped or new fishery. Believed to have a significant potential for expansion in total production;

M = Moderately exploited, exploited with a low level of fishing effort. Believed to have some limited potential for expansion in total production;

F = Fully exploited. The fishery is operating at or close to an optimal yield level, with no expected room for further expansion;

O = Overexploited. The fishery is being exploited at above a level which is believed to be sustainable in the long term, with no potential room for further expansion and a higher risk of stock depletion/collapse;

D = Depleted. Catches are well below historical levels, irrespective of the amount of fishing effort exerted;

R = Recovering. Catches are again increasing after having been depleted or a collapse from a previous high.

Tables D1 to D17

Table D1 - State of exploitation and annual nominal catches of selected species and ISSCAAP groups fished in the Northwest Atlantic (FAO Statistical Area 21), 1950–2002

Stock or species groupsScientific nameMain fishing countries in 2002thousand tonnesState of exploitation *
Amer. plaice (= Long rough dab)Hippoglossoides platessoidesCanada, USA, Spain, Portugal31779779198991010119F
Flatfishes neiPleuronectiformesCanada, Portugal264752111110F
Greenland halibutReinhardtius hippoglossoidesGreenland, Spain, Canada, Russian Fed11747386751565270656164F
Summer flounderParalichthys dentatusUSA7571165565557F
Winter flounderPseudopleuronectes americanusUSA, Canada915151698876898F
Witch flounderGlyptocephalus cynoglossusUSA, Canada, Spain, Portugal528381996566677F
Yellowtail flounderLimanda ferrugineaCanada, USA942503012451014212419F
Other Flounders, halibuts, soles  543631121122F
31-Flounders, halibuts, soles  69194261206130859093113117120116 
Atlantic codGadus morhuaCanada, USA, Greenland857145375464416533475369636055D
HaddockMelanogrammus aeglefinusCanada, USA14414839541611111514172223D
Saithe (=Pollock)Pollachius virensCanada, USA4937386127131727113111111F
Silver hakeMerluccius bilinearisCanada, USA, Russian Fed48180203634643343228263324U
Tusk (=Cusk)Brosme brosmeCanada, USA256632221121F
White hakeUrophycis tenuisCanada, USA, Spain, Portugal151018241387668813F
Other Cods, hakes, haddocks, etc.  24266121010101212121312F
32-Cods, hakes, haddocks, etc.  1 1171 8751 14884280120128141143138149139 
33-Miscellaneous costal fishes  322721211621201828191921?
American anglerLophius americanusUSA, Canada021062226302826222527F
Atlantic redfishes neiSebastes sppRussian Fed, Canada, Lithuania, Portugal1752152121438727243434475056F
Other Miscellaneous demersal fishes  633351254656669?
34-Miscellaneous demersal fishes  18125025716111457606766758192 
Atlantic herringClupea harengusCanada, USA170451466233278293285273282277308259U-F-R
Atlantic menhadenBrevoortia tyrannusUSA428268270305301280322248189183236181F
Other Herrings, sardines, anchovies  000002001000?
35-Herrings, sardines, anchovies  598719736538579575607521472460544440 
Atlantic mackerelScomber scombrusCanada, USA1533244493937373428233770F
CapelinMallotus villosusCanada156174654633223824212014F
Other Miscellaneous pelagic fishes  56131078756494U
37-Miscellaneous pelagic fishes  35454311249278667758486688 
American lobsterHomarus americanusCanada, USA343332527472787783838482F/O
43-Lobsters, spinyrock lobsters  343332527472787783838482
Pandalus shrimps neiPandalus sppCanada004122325292931353133F
Other Shrimps, prawns, etc.  173364342175146178213234232259?
45-Shrimps, prawns, etc.  173776165200175207244269263292 
American sea scallopPlacopecten magellanicusUSA, Canada831201215514710910299132197254280M-F
Atlantic bay scallopArgopecten irradiansUSA556310000000?
Iceland scallopChlamys islandicaGreenland, Canada00008141493433 
55-Scallops, penctens, etc.  88125128158156123116108135201257283 
Atlantic surf clamSpisula solidissimaUSA441241291491591661241132142166166176M-F
Northern quahog (=Hard clam)Mercenaria mercenariaUSA, Canada5248453216236139715M-F
Ocean quahogArctica islandicaUSA113415917514164149144123143150M-F
Sand gaperMya arenariaUSA, Canada172024201067888109?
Other Clams, cockles, arkshells, etc.  00052327272628232123?
56-Clams, cockles, arkshells, etc.  114193232365383386345316325329347373 
Total selected species groups  2 2713 4713 2632 5871 9891 7151 6261 6261 6701 7451 9331 928 
Total other species groups  36430643319331354367339365337307317 
Total marine capture  2 6353 7773 6962 9062 035202 0692 0531 9652 0352 0822 2402 245 
Total aquaculture  11285052717090108108105 
Total production  26363 77836982 91423702121212420352 125219023482 350 

* (U) Underexploited; (M) Moderately exploited; (F) Fully exploited; (O) Overexploited; (D) Depleted; (R) Recovering.

Table D2 - State of exploitation and annual nominal catches of selected species and ISSCAAP groups fished in the Northeast Atlantic (FAO Statistical Area 27), 1950–2002

Stock or species groupsScientific nameMain fishing countries in 2002thousand tonnesState of exploitation *
Atlantic salmonSalmo salarNorway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden798854432332F-D
Other Salmons, trouts, smelts, etc.  9131199109881277F-D
23-Salmons, trouts, smelts, etc.  16221917141413111015109 
European plaicePleuronectes platessaNetherlands, Denmark, UK, Belgium10716117616914611813110411311311199O
Other Flounders, halibuts, soles  96146171183196201190192205186191176F-O
31-Flounders, halibuts, soles  203307347352352319311296318299302275 
Atlantic codGadus morhuaNorway, Iceland, Russian Fed16751 611 77214261 1061 30713281 1581 025877884835O-D
Blue whiting (=Poutassou)Micromesistius poutassouNorway, Russian Fed, Iceland, Faeroe Is131822371367561369111531 2981 44617951 589O
HaddockMelanogrammus aeglefinusNorway, UK, Iceland, Russian Fed289464493316256351323269236196207244O-D
Norway poutTrisopterus esmarkiiDenmark, Norway21555324092752762119711320593107?-F
Polar codBoreogadus saidaRussian Fed1141051516217422413937?
Saithe (=Pollock)Pollachius virensNorway, Faeroe Is, Iceland, France210323592420349342302309327302314370F-O
WhitingMerlangius merlangusFrance, UK, Ireland, Netherlands1181912141478077726161564943F-D
Other Cods, hakes, haddocks, etc.  1982512382492172052052205208208225181F-D
32-Cods, hakes, haddocks, etc.  2 5063 02741693 6952 974319231363 6063 2903 3313 6063 406 
Sandeels (=Sandlances) neiAmmodytes sppDenmark, Norway, Sweden4515249881096685812431 040762741912905F
Other Miscellaneous costal fishes  313248222422222423242423F
33-Miscellaneous costal fishes  761845468329908801 2651 064785765936928 
Atlantic redfishes neiSebastes sppLithuania, Germany, Iceland, Portugal222173230260218246214214143734850F
Other Miscellaneous demersal fishes  6392114163189189204213251348375344F
34-Miscellaneous demersal fishes  285265344423407435418427394421423394 
Atlantic herringClupea harengusNorway, Iceland, Russian Fed, Denmark24782 7381 078107811 7332 03622492 1492 130210416451 613F
European pilchard (=Sardine)Sardina pilchardusPortugal, Spain, France, UK179223165203169157139157162124131143?-F
European spratSprattus sprattusDenmark, Poland, Sweden, Latvia67151581321484643672658645616584550?-F
Other Herrings, sardines, anchovies  559041173939295058476744F
35-Herrings, sardines, anchovies  2 7793 2021 8651 6222 4252 8753 0893 0142 9952 8912 4272 350 
Atlantic horse mackerelTrachurus trachurusNetherlands, Norway, Ireland, France4466168190418464446344315223238209F
Atlantic mackerelScomber scombrusUK, Norway, Ireland, Russian Fed100415603581654515514626585655661688F
CapelinMallotus villosusIceland, Norway, Russian Fed4431422941 8381 838114951 5819448801 46316501 944F
Other Miscellaneous pelagic fishes  8196107516773898877647362?-F
37-Miscellaneous pelagic fishes  26989131722 6602 6602 5472 402 6221 8572 4052 6222 903 
Northern prawnPandalus borealisNorway, Iceland81829117132132138137129131106111?-F
Other Shrimps, prawns, etc.  626044293335544045413638?-F
45-Shrimps, prawns, etc.  707873146165167192177174172142149 
Blue musselMytilus edulisDenmark, UK22204287128100119122114127146133?
Other Mussels  000011000211 
54-Mussels  22204287129101119122114129147134 
Total selected species groups  62327 99810 58098399 81410 53211 17610 370994310 43110 62210 553 
Total other species groups  510593618580551511562590547562499472 
Total marine capture  6 7428 59111 19810 41910 36591 0311 73811 010 4191010 99311 12111 025 
Total aquaculture  16925841360792910351 0911 24013451 5111 3151110 
Total production  69118 84911 61111 02611 29412 07812 829123011 83512 30412 43612 135 

* (U) Underexploited; (M) Moderately exploited; (F) Fully exploited; (O) Overexploited; (D) Depleted; (R) Recovering.

Table D3 - State of exploitation and annual nominal catches of selected species and ISSCAAP group fished in the Western Central Atlantic (FAO Statistical Area 31), 1950–2002

Stock or species groupsScientific nameMain fishing countries in 2002thousand tonnesState of exploitation *
Flathead grey mullet Venezuela, Mexico3459151714111011108 
Grouper Mexico, USA, Dominican Rp81823262420202018232020F/O
Grunts Venezuela, Mexico, Cuba413268151418161110158 
Mullets nei Mexico, USA182219181611171611151312 
Sciaenids Venezuela191836272727243220272923F/O
Snapper Venezuela, Dominican Rp, Mexico, USA101721233025272822302622F/O
Other Miscellaneous costal fishes  102629364248373635393739 
33-Miscellaneous costal fishes  72118159147169162157159127155150132 
34-Miscellaneous demersal fishes  891081112141817152118 
Atlantic menhadenBrevoortia tyrannusUSA25416559272402819242531F
Atlantic thread herringOpisthonema oglinumUSA, Cuba2695961515171575?
Gulf menhadenBrevoortia patronusUSA290470603786558492598497694591529582F
Round sardinellaSardinella auritaVenezuela193842611191551431911287774159M/F
Other Herrings, sardines, anchovies  146433358776 
35-Herrings, sardines, anchovies  3375597259157146680759736866714642783 
Alba coreThunnus alalungaChina, Taiwan p. China067634326101610F/O
Atlantic bonitoSarda sardaVenezuela, Mexico, Martinique, Trinidad Tob012244455445?
Atlantic Spanish mackerelScomberomorus maculatusMexico, USA581091011999777F
CeroScomberomorus regalis 011100000000?
King mackerelScomberomorus cavallaMexico, Venezuela, USA, Trinidad Tob56779101381091012F/O?
Serra Spanish mackerelScomberomorus brasiliensisTrinidad Tob, Venezuela, Guyana013465664665?
Skipjack tunaKatsuwonus pelamisVenezuela, Cuba, St Vincent1131175564484O
Yellowfin tunaThunnus albacaresVenezuela, USA, Mexico, St Vincent41410232725262824252918F/O
Other Tunas, bonitos, billfishes, etc.  3159192124233024242421 
36-Tunas, bonitos, billfishes, etc.  1853528287888994868910482 
38-Sharks, rays, chimaeras, etc.  3710253231333026232225 
39-Marine fishes not identified  3396144251259222253213176164153163 
42-Sea-spiders, crabs, etc.  213538526057696752604958 
Caribbean spiny lobsterPanulirus argusCuba, Bahamas, Nicaragua, Dominican Rp61421262930292832312529F/O
Other Lobsters, spinyrock lobsters  000000000000 
43-Lobsters, spinyrock lobsters  61421262930292832312529 
Atlantic seabobXiphopenaeus kroyeriGuyana, Suriname, USA00261317211719253226?
Northern brown shrimpPenaeus aztecusUSA585459675755445161636857F
Northern pink shrimpPenaeus duorarumUSA, Cuba111119168511122799F
Northern white shrimpPenaeus setiferusUSA323133383727324044524143F
Penaeus shrimps neiPenaeus sppMexico, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Fr Guiana53054475557595846495448F?
Redspotted shrimpPenaeus brasiliensis 000000000000F/O?
Rock shrimpSicyonia brevirostrisUSA001231241331 
Royal red shrimpPleoticus robustusUSA000000000000F
Other Shrimps, prawns, etc.  000000000211 
45-Shrimps, prawns, etc.  106126168176173162169182173201208185 
Stromboid conchs neiStrombus sppMexico, Turks Caicos, Dominican Rp, Belize126033038333129232520F/O
Other Abalones, winkles, conchs, etc.  000111111100 
52-Abalones, winkles, conchs, etc.  126143139343230242520 
American cupped oysterCrassostrea virginicaUSA, Mexico396168107901099610285195156146?
Other Oysters  032245454352 
53-Oysters  3964701099411410010789198161148 
Calico scallopArgopecten gibbus 0212117100000000?
Other Scallops, penctens, etc.  121320010000?
55-Scallops, penctens, etc.  1413120120010000 
Total selected species groups  64610861417192216761603170716691679167715631655 
Total other species groups  26375375111110110110108119116109 
Total marine capture  67211231470199717871713181717791787179616791764 
Total aquaculture  4272968883798378817685100 
Total production  71411951566208518701792190018571868187217641864 

* (U) Underexploited; (M) Moderately exploited; (F) Fully exploited; (O) Overexploited; (D) Depleted; (R) Recovering.

Table D4 - State of exploitation and annual nominal catches of selected species and ISSCAAP groups fished in the Eastern Central Atlantic (FAO Statistical Area 34), 1950–2002

Stock or species groupsScientific nameMain fishing countries in 2002thousand tonnesState of exploitation *
Common soleSolea soleaMorocco, Italy003672383794O
Flatfishes neiPleuronectiformesSpain, Senegal, Morocco, Mauritania028101615161721262325O
TonguefishesCynoglossidaeNigeria, Korea Rep, Cameroon, Sierra Leone27141165658131312?
Other Flounders, halibuts, soles  001181314169543O
31-Flounders, halibuts, soles  2926283735394641514944 
European hakeMerluccius merlucciusMorocco, Spain, Italy239119106332413F
Senegalese hakeMerluccius senegalensisSpain025219161616171814188O
Other Cods, hakes, haddocks, etc.  058445344335O
32-Cods, hakes, haddocks, etc.  21069342931252425192526 
Bigeye gruntBrachydeuterus auritusGhana, Côte dIvoire, Senegal, Togo31121262520291922222017F
Bobo croakerPseudotolithus elongatusGuinea, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Gabon01349131197131112F
Common dentexDentex dentexGreece, Latvia021221000000?
Croakers, drums neiSciaenidaeKorea Rep, Nigeria, Senegal, Cameroon3923172121322630303031?
Mullets neiMugilidaeNigeria, Morocco, Senegal, GuineaBissau1413141612181823232123?
Threadfins, tasselfishes neiPolynemidaeBenin, Sao Tome Prn25131334410001?
Other Miscellaneous costal fishes  40139244243180194198192209189205198?
33-Miscellaneous costal fishes  491713183192562652912265291277287282 
Largehead hairtailTrichiurus lepturusLithuania, Morocco, Ghana, St Vincent0525574961474522171920?
Other Miscellaneous demersal fishes  01025262834293128212018?
34-Miscellaneous demersal fishes  01550837795767650383938 
Bonga shadEthmalosa fimbriataGuinea, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Gambia244480126149143178174182162181187?
European anchovyEngraulis encrasicolusGhana, Morocco, Lithuania, Russian Fed4447113148122132151147196182145?
European pilchard (=Sardine)Sardina pilchardusMorocco97188572622738615650589533600803760F
Madeiran sardinellaSardinella maderensisSenegal, Ghana, Nigeria112924103126140132129141129134F
Round sardinellaSardinella auritaNetherlands, Senegal, Ghana, Lithuania2554100251323399318318283285363286F
Other Herrings, sardines, anchovies  3456287100254350411506421365268229F
35-Herrings, sardines, anchovies  1853471 7551 2361 7551 7551 8291 8701 6951 7491 9261 741 
Atlantic bonitoSarda sardaMorocco, Netherlands, Russian Fed, Togo33665510137669?
Bigeye tunaThunnus obesusSpain, China, Taiwan p. China, Japan21336387387738286696744O
Frigate and bullet tunasAuxis thazard, A.rocheiRussian Fed, Morocco, Spain, Cape Verde02612579107822?
Little tunny ( skipj)Euthynnus alletteratusGhana, Senegal0051485644636?
Skipjack tunaKatsuwonus pelamisGhana, Spain, France, Other nei115719212510810511213210811893M
SwordfishXiphias gladiusChina, Taiwan p. China, Portugal, Japan012246333342?
Tuna-like fishes neiScombroideiSierra Leone, Lithuania, Belize, Morocco053673583381?
Yellowfin tunaThunnus albacaresFrance, Spain, Ghana, Other nei847891131151119810710291116107F
Other Tunas, bonitos, billfishes, etc.  51218131214121113121413 
36-Tunas, bonitos, billfishes, etc.  1998236296354346321350357306338277 
Atlantic horse mackerelTrachurus trachurus 03141310111000F
Barracudas neiSphyraena sppNigeria, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Senegal3822111110121317172122?
Chub mackerelScomber japonicusRussian Fed, Morocco, Netherlands367170197155224246213143227140155F
False scadCaranx rhonchusGhana, Liberia0051173333402F
Jack and horse mackerels neiTrachurus sppOther nei, Lithuania, Russian Fed, St Vincent1783943042041601332122212276254228F
Other Miscellaneous pelagic fishes  61877695441476060446171F
37-Miscellaneous pelagic fishes  13174682605432438442512436568476478 
38-Sharks, rays, chimaeras, etc.  41333273535675151515248 
39-Marine fishes not identified  84206296315312295302289405285434249 
European lobsterHomarus gammarusMorocco, Greece000000000000F
Norway lobsterNephrops norvegicusPortugal, Morocco, Spain000000001000F
Palinurid spiny lobsters neiPalinurus sppNigeria, Morocco, Gabon, Gambia121232942221F
Tropical spiny lobsters neiPanulirus sppGhana, Sierra Leone, Cape Verde000000000000F
Other Lobsters, spinyrock lobsters  000000000000 
43-Lobsters, spinyrock lobsters  121232943221 
Deepwater rose shrimpParapenaeus longirostrisSenegal, Spain0088645116683F
Natantian decapods neiNatantiaNigeria, Spain, Morocco12692331194724202032?
Penaeus shrimps neiPenaeus sppGabon, S. Leone, Côte dIvoire, Cameroon002244668864F
Southern pink shrimpPenaeus notialisNigeria, Senegal12791818221933252417F
Other Shrimps, prawns, etc.  001100001000F
45-Shrimps, prawns, etc.  2424295157528372595856 
Common octopusOctopus vulgarisSpain, Italy096044322723392413169O
Common squids neiLoligo sppItaly, Portugal000210000000F
Cuttlefish, bobtail squids neiSepiidae, SepiolidaeSenegal, Ghana, Mauritania, Morocco11733454340474252574516F
Octopuses, etc. neiOctopodidaeMorocco, Senegal, Mauritania203544679687607315112613563O
Various squids neiLoliginidae, OmmastrephidaeMorocco, Spain, Mauritania093315213013212320166F
Other Squid. Cuttlefish, octopuses  2422377101012 
57-Squid. Cuttlefish, octopuses  2374172175196150115018525121621396 
Total selected species groups  38411273 024315735003 363 61037633 6773 62639043 342 
Total other species groups  1933272324223921212328 
Total marine capture  3851 1363 0573 1843 5233 5703 923 8023 6983 9273 9273 370 
Total aquaculture  000010000000 
Total production  38511363 057318435243 5703 9238023 6983 92739273 370 

* (U) Underexploited; (M) Moderately exploited; (F) Fully exploited; (O) Overexploited; (D) Depleted; (R) Recovering.

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