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The author wishes to acknowledge the invaluable assistance and advice of the staff of the FAO’s Fisheries Department and, in particular, the professional, consultant and general staff of the Fishery Industries Division of FAO, without whose help this study could not have been made.

The author is indebted to the numerous personnel from national fisheries organizations, consultants and colleagues who supplied reports, “grey” literature, fishery statistics and expert opinion. The cooperation and inputs from FAO’s regional officers and field staff, and from the directors and staff of many regional fisheries organizations are gratefully acknowledged. The critical comments of L. Alverson, F. Chopin, J. Cotter, S. Garcia, J. Pope and A. Smith were invaluable, although their generous assistance does not necessarily imply that they agree with the interpretations and opinions expressed.

The assistance of S. Venema is acknowledged with respect to South America and preparation of the bibliography, while the work of F. Teutscher provided a major information resource. C. Stamatopolous gave advice on statistical interpretation and V. Kelleher prepared the maps.

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