Mitigating the Impact of HIV/AIDS on Food Security and Rural Poverty

Results of a multistakeholder meeting and outcomes of subsequent strategy development

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
HIV/AIDS Programme

Rome, 2003
Table of Contents

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Table of Contents





The impact of HIV/AIDS on agriculture and food security

The evolution of the epidemic
Rural poverty, mobility and vulnerability

Loss of productive generations
Shortage of labour
Loss of agricultural skills and knowledge
Decreasing nutritional status
Weakening institutional capacity
Exacerbation of gender inequalities

Using a livelihoods framework

Countries experience

Multisectoral response
Agricultural extension
Policy environment
NGO initiatives

Agricultural sector response

Labour saving technologies
Knowledge preservation and transmission
Rural institutions and capacity building
Gender equality
Improving nutrition
Social and economic safety nets
Monitoring and evaluation of response strategies
Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS
Moving towards partnership and action
Regional HIV/AIDS statistic
Selected publications on HIV/AIDS and agriculture
Agenda of the meeting
List of participants