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Mr Juan Carlos Mendez, Executive Director of FIPA Project (Fortalecimiento Institucional de Políticas Ambientales). and Mr Luis Alberto Castañeda, Dean, School of Agronomy and Forestry of the Universidad Landivar, Guatemala, acted as Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of the Conference, respectively. The Chairperson introduced the programme for the Conference, which included plenary sessions and four Working Groups focused on each of the four Conference objectives (see Annex 1). The Chairperson also introduced the officers of the Conference Working Groups as follows:

a) Working Groups I and III

Chairperson: Ms Christina Amoako-Nuama, Ghana.

Rapporteur:Dr Eva Müller, ITTO.

b) Working Groups II and IV

The Working Groups discussed the four Conference Objectives drawing on the respective background papers and several case studies, which were presented in each Working Group (with the exception of the Working Group on Objective 4, which had no case studies). The background papers and case studies are contained in Volume II of the Conference Report.

The results of the Working Group discussions were summarized by the respective rapporteurs and presented to the plenary by the chairpersons of the Working Groups, where they were further discussed and adopted. Based on the conclusions and recommendations of the background papers, case studies and Working Groups, the chairpersons, rapporteurs and organizers prepared the draft conclusions and recommendations of the Conference, which were adopted by the participants after lengthy discussions in the plenary during the last day of the Conference.

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