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Review of available meeting documents

9. The documents which were before the Meeting are listed in Appendix C.

10. The Chairperson informed that Document 6 ("Towards draft guidelines on sustainable bluefin tuna farming practices in the Mediterranean - Elements for discussion"), prepared by the FAO/GFCM Secretariat, was made available as a basic document to ease discussions. He invited the Working Group to finalize the Guidelines on this basis. It was further recalled that Document 6 had been distributed to participants two months in advance of the Meeting. The Working Group agreed to use the same structure of the Draft Document for its Guidelines.

11. The participants were reminded by the GFCM Executive Secretary that when the Working Group was formed, the 2003 and 2004 ICCAT recommendations relevant to bluefin tuna farming were not available. Since then the GFCM, at its twenty-ninth session (Rome, Italy, 21-25 February 2005), has adopted most of these recommendations on bluefin tuna, as binding for all of its Members. He therefore called participants to take due considerations to the ICCAT/GFCM recommendations.

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