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Location of Areas Suitable for Experimental Fish Culture in Rice Fields

(i) Amol - Location: Southeast of Amol, 7.2 km from the city in the Nezam-abad and Hamze-kola areas is an area crossed by several large irrigation canals where rice fields occur at many levels and where there was an abundance of water, although it was turbid everywhere when visited. The source of water was reported to be the Heraz River. Nearby is the Khorun River which apparently is a diversion from the Heraz that joins the Kalarud River and flows into the Berzu. The area occurs along the old road from Babol to Amol.

Here many of the rice fields have high bunds, and it appears to be an excellent area for the raising of warm-water fishes in rice fields.

If a demonstration or experimental area for fish culture in rice fields is desired, this is a prime area. It is also a good area for construction of warm-water fish ponds.

(ii) Amol - Location: One km west of Amol along the Suldeh road is rugged land with many knolls and depressions where rice is grown at many elevations and supplied by water from the Heraz or the Aleshrud River. A canal with water flow of muddy water of about 1,500 gpm (95 l/sec.) was crossed 1 km west of Amol. This area appears satisfactory for raising both rice and fish, for the bunds are often quite high in the area.

The Heraz River at Amol had a total alkalinity of 165 mg/l and a calcium-magnesium hardness of 280 mg/l at 1400 hours. The temperature was 21.6°C.

(iii) Shirgah - Location: 17 km south of Shahi (8.2 km north of Shirgah) Shahpoor River Site.

On the east side of the Shahi-Shirgah highway is an area of approximately 150 ha on high ground that has a good gradient for draining ponds to the north toward the Tadjo River. Most of the water for irrigating this area is obtained via irrigation canal from the Shahpoor River which on October 23,1968 had a flow of only about 400 gpm (25 l/sec.). At the bottom of the slope, however, is the Tadjo River with an estimated 700–1,000 gpm (63 l/sec.) flow of which a part is used to irrigate 6 to 7 ha of the same area. Water can be pumped to the desired elevation from the Tadjo or from the Shahpoor River which is located a short distance across the railroad tracks west of the area. Normally water would reach this area by gravity from the Shappor via canal. A low dam across the Shahpoor immediately below the highway bridge crossing the Shapoor would be required for a more permanent means of diversion than exists there now.

This area would also be suitable for rice pond fish culture because many of the rice field bunds are already high enough for fish culture of this type.

The possibilities of obtaining more water or all water by gravity from the Tadjo should be studied with engineers' level and rod.

(iv) Marzi Kala - Location: About 20 km northwest of Shirgah at Marzi Kala is an irrigation canal transporting clear water from the Babolsar to the village and to rice fields both above and below the highway between Shirgah and Babol.

The site was considered good for a combination of rice culture and fish culture. Both good soil and good gradients for draining fish ponds are available here.

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