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The native poplar area amounts to 2 500 hectares in small populations and its distribution ranges from 0 to

1 800 m altitude (Populus alba), 0-2 100 m altitude (P.nigra) and from 150-1 500 m altitude (P. euphratica).

The area of poplar plantations amounts to 2 000 ha, with stable increment of 200 ha/year

Economic data

Morocco, which is major exporter of citrus fruit, has an increasing demand for wood containers. The national production of poplar wood is not sufficient, meeting only 7% of the industry's demand. Morocco thus has to import 45 000 m³/yr., or 0.05% of the total timber volume imported, mainly from France.

Policy and legislation

In order to improve and encourage poplar cultivation and production, subvention policies were adopted by the government. According to the type of land ownership, the support is different. Thus, in experimental plantations carried out in private lands, the Research and Experimental Forestry Division, supplies the material and supports entirely the plantation, protection and management. Private plantations, on the other hand, are encouraged by means of technical assistance (soil studies, plant supply, etc.).

Technical data

The Research and Experimental Forestry Division is going to carry out a national inventory in order to delimit the natural stands and to establish a strategy for in-situ and ex-situ conservation, with the aim of sustainable use. Recently, the Research and Experimental Forestry Division, which is the designated forest government organization concerned with poplars, held a meeting to discuss the future of poplar cultivation in the country and to establish the central strategy to encourage it.

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