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Annex II

Tuesday 25 May-Registration
Study of Conference Documents
Wednesday 26 May-Opening of the Conference
Session I-State of World Aquaculture and its Future Role
Special Session I-Problems of Vertically-Integrated Aquaculture Industries
Thursday 27 May-Session II (Section 1)-Pond Culture of Finfish
Session II (Section 2)-Culture of Crustaceans
Session II (Section 4)-Integration of Aquaculture with Agriculture and Animal Production
Friday 28 May-Session II (Section 3)-Culture of Molluscs
Session II (Section 5)-Aquaculture in Raceways, Cages and Enclosures
Session II (Section 6)-Aquaculture in Recirculating Water and Recycling of Wastes in Aquaculture
Session III-Nutritional Requirements of Cultivated Organisms and Feed Technology
International Festival of Aquaculture Films - Film Shows
Saturday 29 May-Session IV-Artificial Recruitment and Transplantation
Special Session II-Culture of Algae and Seaweeds
Special Session III-Oyster Mortalities and Their Control
Special Session IV-International Aspects of Disease Control in Aquaculture
International Festival of Aquaculture Films - Film Shows
Sunday 30 May-Free
Monday 31 May -Special Session V-Genetics and Genetic Improvement in Aquaculture
Session V-Legal, Social and Economic Aspects of Aquaculture
Session VI-Strategy for Future Aquaculture Development
International Festival of Aquaculture Films - Film Shows
Tuesday 1 June-Working Groups/International Festival of Aquaculture Films - Film Shows
Wednesday 2 June-Working Groups
Session VII-Main Conclusions and Recommendations
Closing Ceremony

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