Rome, Italy, 15-19 March 2005

Issues Identified by the Regional Forestry Commissions and the Technical Forestry Bodies for the Attention of the Committee on Forestry


A standing agenda item for all Regional Forestry Commissions is the identification of regional issues to be brought to the attention of COFO. This document summarizes the major substantive issues that each of the six Commissions requested to be drawn to the attention of COFO when they met in 2004. In addition, three technical statutory bodies have met since the last session of COFO in 2003, and their recommendations are also included.

14th Session, African Forestry and Wildlife Commission (AFWC)
Accra, Ghana, February 2004
20th Session, Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission (APFC)
Nadi, Fiji, April 2004
16th Session, Near East Forestry Commission (NEFC)
Beirut, Lebanon, May 2004
32nd Session, European Forestry Commission (EFC)
(joint session with the 62nd Timber Committee, Economic Commission for Europe)
Geneva, Switzerland, October 2004
23rd Session, Latin American and Caribbean Forestry Commission
San Josť, Costa Rica, October 2004
22nd Session, North American Forest Commission
Veracruz, Mexico, October 2004
Advisory Committee on Paper and Wood Products:
44th Session, Oaxaca, Mexico, May 2003;
and 45th Session, Canberra, Australia, April 2004
13th Session, Panel of Experts on Forest Gene Resources
Rome, November 2003
22nd Session, International Poplar Commission,
Santiago, Chile, November – December 2004