Food Outlook
  Global Market Analysis


As readers will hopefully appreciate, FAO is presenting a new version of one of its longest standing regular reports, Food Outlook. The new Food Outlook is a modified version of the old one, changed in structure as well as in content and coverage. It will be a biannual publication focusing on developments affecting world markets for food and feed commodities. The subtitle Global Market Analysis reflects its focus on developments in international commodity markets. Food Outlook maintains a close synergy with the newly established sister publication, Crop Prospects and Food Situation, particularly in regard to the close monitoring and coverage of cereals.

Behind the scene, the new Food Outlook is also a product of enhanced analysis using a quantitative approach to short-term market assessment and forecasts. This has been made possible by linking the various commodity markets through a Short-term Consistency Model (STCM), further details of which are included in this report. It is hoped that the combination of expert judgment and quantitative analysis will enhance the accuracy of FAOs situation and outlook for major food and feed commodities.

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