Local transport of pesticides

   Severe cases of poisoning have been caused by the transportation of pesticides with other commodities.
   Containers of pesticides have leaked during movements, contaminating foodstuffs such as flour and rice packed in sacks and carried in the same truck. People have eaten the food after it has arrived at its destination and have become ill; thousands of deaths have resulted from poisoning in this way. There are several basic points to be remembered:

FIGURE 18 - Local transport of pesticide on a goods vehicle - other materials are partitioned off
but food must not be carried

FIGURE 19 - Spill, caused by a pesticide drum falling off a vehicle, being covered by soil -
people are kept away from the spill

FIGURE 20 - Careful unloading of pesticides from a delivery vehicle to avoid leaks resulting from damage to containers;
the storekeeper is examining the delivery note