Future energy requirements for Africa's agriculture

Table of Contents

Prepared for the African Energy Programme of the African Development Bank


Rome, 1995

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Energy for Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development and Food Security in Africa

2.1 Sustainable agriculture and rural development - SARD
2.2 Food security in Africa
2.3 An energy transition for SARD and food security
Annex One: Sustainability concerns
Annex Two: Data tables

Chapter 3. Energy demand (supply) and consumption in Africa's agriculture

3.1 International context
3.2 Present Status - Regional and national energy data
3.3 Classification
3.4 Trends of energy demand in agriculture
Appendix 1: Sectoral energy consumption for selected countries 1990 (TJ)
Appendix 2: Commercial energy and food production
Appendix 3: Energy consumption in 10 Southern African countries that comprise SADC (1990)
Appendix 4: Energy consumption in Africa

Chapter 4. Scenarios of energy and agriculture in Africa

4.1. Introduction
4.2. Methodology
4.3. Description of scenarios
4.4. Looking into the crystal ball: regional and global agricultural scenarios
4.5. Analysis of agriculture-related energy use patterns
4.6. Zimbabwe
4.7. Tanzania
4.8. Sudan
4.9. Mali
4.10. Cameroon
Annex A. Energy & agriculture data questionnaire
Annex B. Agricultural area and yield projections
Annex C. Selected case study LEAP results

Chapter 5. Agriculture's potential as an energy producer

5.1 The context
5.2 The Resource base
5.3 Potential impacts of biomass-derived energy

5.3.1 Development and economics
5.3.2 Environment

5.4 Conversion technologies

5.4.1 Direct combustion processes
5.4.2 Thermochemical processes
5.4.3 Biochemical processes

5.5 Management Issues

Chapter 6. General findings and specific recommendations

6.1 General findings

6.1.1 Policies
6.1.2 Sustainable agriculture and food security
6.1.3 Methodological Issues
6.1.4 Data requirements and availability
6.1.5. Technological issues
6.1.6 Awareness and capacity building

6.2 Specific Recommendations

6.2.1 Studies and development of knowledge