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1. Conceptual framework of AEZ
2. Schematic presentation of growing period types
3. Number of growing periods and dry periods per year
4. Example of soil mapping unit composition
5. AEZ core applications: methodology
6. LGP and moisture balance models in China AEZ study
7. Generalized map of moisture resources of Bangladesh
8. Structure of Kenya land resources database for definition of agro-ecological cells
9. Schematic presentation of overall model used in Kenya study
10. Harvested area under maximum food production, Bungoma District
11. Example of AEZ/GIS output
12. AEZ climatic change application: information flow and integration


l. Examples of AEZ/GIS studies by scale and application
2. LGP Patterns in Kenya
3. Soil moisture reserve period for different soil types and crops
4. Example of land utilization types definition
5. Climatic adaptability attributes of crops
6. Photosynthesis characteristics of crop climatic adaptability groups
7. Crop edaphic adaptability inventory for selected crops
8. Example of LGP calculation based on historical monthly rainfall
9. Reference thermal zones in Kenya
10. Characteristics of thermal zones in China
11. Mapping unit composition table of Region III (Nicaragua)
12. Computerized land inventory: agro-ecological cells
13. Land suitability ratings of crops in thermal zones
14. Potential net biomass and marketable yield based on radiation and temperature for different LGP zones
15. Extract of an agro-climatic constraints inventory
16. Agro-climatic suitability classification
17. Extract of soil type evaluation for selected crops
18. Slope limits for land use types
19. Example of AEZ tabulated suitability results (by area)
20. Important rainfed cropping patterns generalized according to thermal zones and LGP zones
21. Results of crop productivity assessment - assumption set B
22. Results of ALDS analysis for Bungoma District


l. Keywords in AEZ
2. Reference length of growing period (LGP)
3. Some land evaluation terms
4. Climatic data requirements
5. LGP assessment for temperate regions: the Chinese example
6. Soil data requirements
7. Examples of AEZ land suitability rules
8. Definition of multiple cropping patterns


FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
IIASA International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
ILRI International Livestock Research Institute
LIS Land Information System
NGO Non-governmental Organization
UNFPA United Nations Fund for Population Activities

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