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Appendix 3: Summary of course contents




Introductory Module

Module 1
(4 Sessions)

Institutional agricultural research: Organization and management

1 Management: Thought and Process

2 Objectives and organization of agricultural research

3 Organization of international research

4 Organization of national agricultural research systems (NARS)

Module 2
(6 Sessions)

Research planning

1 Principles of research planning

2 The institute planning process

3 Setting goals and objectives

4 From Objectives to an Operational Plan

5 Participatory planning exercise

6 Case study: Planning agricultural research in Mughal Sultanate

Module 3
(5 Sessions)

Organizational principles and design

1 Organizational theories

2 Structure of an organization

3 Organizational design and change

4 Case study: Establishment of a Directorate of Research at Soronno University of Agriculture

5 Case study: Organizational change at Samaru, Nigeria

Module 4
(6 Sessions)

Leadership, motivation, team building and conflict management

1 Leadership

2 Motivation

3 Team building

4 Case study: IRRI Agricultural Equipment Programme: IRRI Management compares IRRI with LDE research institutes

5 Conflict management

6 Conflict management case study: Dr Agadir

Module 5
(6 Sessions)

Managing human resources

1 Recruiting and maintaining staff in the research environment

2 The professional staff

3 Human resources management exercise

4 Performance appraisal

5 Performance appraisal case study: Suzene Kopec

6 Exercise in designing performance evaluation formats

Module 6
(5 Sessions)

Management information systems, computers and network techniques

1 Management information systems

2 MIS exercise

3 The computer as a management tool

4 Critical Path Method

5 PERT and CPM Exercise

Module 7
(5 Sessions)

Financial management

1 Financial management 1: Components and information needs

2 Financial management 2: Planning and budgeting

3 Financial management 3: Project design and implementation

4 Case study: Faro Arroya

5 Generating funds through consulting as an institutional activity, + case study: Food Technology Research Institute of Dongal

Module 8
(1 Session)

Research-extension linkage

1 Research-extension linkage

Module 9
(5 Sessions)

Information services and documentation

1 Scientific and technical information in a developing-country research institution

2 Information as an input to research

3 Information as an output of research

4 Cooperation in national programmes

5 Exercise on barriers to the flow of information

Module 10

Institute evaluation

Single session: Institute evaluation

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