Rome, Italy, 1-5 March 1999 


Agenda item Code Title
2 COFO-99/1 Provisional agenda
5 COFO-99/2 UNCED follow-up, including implications of the work of the Inter-governmental Forum on Forests (IFF)
6 COFO-99/3 Global forest sector outlook: the implications of future wood product market developments for sustainable forest management
7 COFO-99/4 National forest policies for sustainability: national and international challenges
8 COFO-99/5 Review of FAO's programmes in the forestry sector, including follow-up to the requests and recommendations of the 13th session of the Committee
8 COFO-99/5/Supp.1 Programme Implementation Report
9 COFO-99/6 FAO strategic framework (2000-2015) and implications for the medium-term for forestry programmes
9 COFO-99/6/Supp.1 A strategic framework for FAO 2000-2015 (Version 2.0)
9 COFO-99/6/Supp.2 FAO's strategic plan for forestry - second draft
10 COFO-99/7 Decisions of FAO Governing Bodies of interest to the Committee, including follow-up to Conference Resolution 13/97 (Review of FAO Statutory Bodies)
11 COFO-99/8 Recommendations of the regional forestry commissions and of other FAO Statutory Bodies in forestry of interest to the Committee
12 COFO-99/9 Submissions by countries interested in hosting the XII World Forestry Congress (for COFO recommendations to the 116th session of the FAO Council)
Information documents
  COFO-99/INF.1 Provisional timetable
  COFO-99/INF.2 List of documents
  COFO-99/INF.3 Report of the High-Level Panel of External Experts on Forestry
  COFO-99/INF.4 Statement of competence and voting rights by the European Community and its Member States
  COFO-99/INF.5 Procedure for selecting host countries for the World Forestry Congress
  COFO-99/INF.6 Specific forestry issues and activities of Small Island Development States
COFO-99/INF.7 Challenges and opportunities for the forestry sector under the Kyoto Protocol
COFO-99/INF.8 Report of Meeting on Public Policies Affecting Forest Fires