Unasylva - No. 200 - Trees outside forests

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An international journal of forestry and forest industries - Vol. 51- 2000/1

FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Editors: S.A. Dembner, A. Perlis
Editorial Advisory Board Forestry Department:J. Anderson, J. Ball, I.J. Bourke, S. Braatz, J. Clément, S.A. Dembner, M. Morell, C. Palmberg-Lerche, A. Perlis, L. Russo, K. Warner
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Table of Contents

Guidelines For Authors


C. Kleinn
On large-area inventory and assessment of trees outside forests

J.-M. Boffa
West African agroforestry parklands: keys to conservation and sustainable management

R. Carucci
Trees outside forests: an essential tool for desertification control in the Sahel

H.M. Shelton
Tropical forage tree legumes in agroforestry systems

J. Mayers
Company-community forestry partnerships: a growing phenomenon

F. Herzog
The importance of perennial trees for the balance of northern European agricultural landscapes

G. Kuchelmeister
Trees for the urban millennium: urban forestry update

M. Ahtisaari
Sustainable forest management in Finland: its development and possibilities

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