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Livestock breeds of China

This book gives a brief account of the distribution of livestock in various regions of China, as well as the breed characteristics developed under different ecological conditions. An attempt is made to illustrate the influence on breed formation of environmental factors, in addition to those of genetics and selection. The livestock breeds enumerated Include 14 horse, 2 camel, 14 yellow cattle, 4 dairy and milk/meat dual-purpose cattle, 8 water buffalo (types), 6 yak (types), 13 sheep, 18 goat and 15 swine. An understanding of animal ecology will undoubtedly guide plans for regionalitzation of livestock In our country.

It is also pointed out that our rich breed resources provide us with genetic material of great value in animal breeding. our swine breeds Influenced the improvement or formation of some foreign breeds In the past, and may have even more influence In the future, though this may not be foreseen at present. We should, therefore, promptly study breed characteristics, and work on the Investigation, protection, selection, development and utilization of these valuable resources.

The present work is not merely an English translation of the author's recent book, published in Chinese In 1980. It is greatly expanded, and a new chapter on Goat Breeds has been added. Some revisions and necessary corrections have been wde and more illustrations added to ensure that readers will more easily obtain a general idea of the ecological characteristics of livestock breeds in China.

Attempts made here to Illustrate the relationship between our livestock breeds and their environments are restricted by the knowledge of the author and the reference data available. This book is just a beginning, and it is earnestly hoped that further systematic and Intensive studies in the field of animal ecology will be made by others.