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(As per title)

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(As per title)

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(First presentation in English of what is now called the von Bertalanffy Growth Formula)

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(As per title)

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(As per title. Includes derivation of Equation 21)

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(One of the two classics in fish population dynamics, and (still) a mine of good ideas. The book is in print and available through Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London)

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(The “Tables” are in fact a manual in which a method is shown on how to apply a much simplified version of Beverton and Holt's original approach to a stock, including tables which reduce actual computations to a minimum)

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(As per title)

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(As per title)

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(As per title)

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(Contains 57 contributions on various Indian marine resources, including major groups of commercial fishes. Extremely helpful for comparisons within the Indian Ocean)

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(Results suggest that tropical demersal fishes do not undertake extensive migrations)

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(Includes some tropical examples)

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(As per title)

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(As per title)

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(A review of ideas and concepts in this field, with tropical examples)

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(Not seen)

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(An examplary demonstration of the “modal class progression analysis” by those who coined the term)

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(Presents standing stock, growth, mortality and other biological data on a typical reef serranid (Plectropomus leopardus)

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(A manual covering most aspects of stock assessment, including their mathematical basis. Most application examples refer to temperate stocks and fisheries. A new edition is soon to be published)

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(A successful attempt at reviewing the state of all marine fish stocks of the world. Includes a wealth of data on tropical stocks)

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(A recent review of the field of fish population dynamics. Tropical stocks (except for tuna) not considered)

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(As per title. Other parts of this report (pp. 38–99) contain a wealth of data on the area in question and should be consulted for any assessment work in this region)

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(Presentation of a very useful method, very suited for use with tropical fish and which is included here)

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(A comprehensive review of methods used in fishery biology in the ICES area. None of the application examples pertain to tropical fishes)

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(As per title)

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(An attempt to use Beverton and Holt's yield-per-recruit model for estimating the optimal mesh size in Southeast Asia demersal fisheries)

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(Contains a large number of references with data on reproduction that are pertinent to stock assessment and fisheries management)

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(Population dynamics of a commercially exploited Indian Ocean lethrinid)

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(As per title)

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(Not seen)

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(Contains - among other things - the results of a large number of selection experiments which were used in drawing Figure 12)

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(A unique, comprehensive series of mimeographed reports (presently being rewritten for publication as a book) on coral reef resource (fish and crustaceans) and on their management)

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(As per title)

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(As per title)

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(Contains length growth parameters for 1 500 fish stocks, more than 500 species (most data on tropical Indo-Pacific fishes are included here). Bibliography contains approximately 700 references on fish growth)

Pauly, D., 1978a A discussion of the potential use in population dynamics of the interrelation- ships between natural mortality, growth parameters and mean environmental temperature in 122 fish stock. ICES CM. 1978/G:28 Demersal Fish Committee: 36 p. (mimeo)
(A demonstration, based on 122 independent values of M, L (and W) K and environmental temperature that these variable are strongly interrelated, which allow for M to be estimated when the 3 other variables are known. This paper is now superseded by Pauly (1980a))

Pauly, D., 1979 Gill size and temperature as governing factors in fish growth: a generalization of von Bertalanffy's growth formula. Ber.Inst.Meereskd.Christian-Albrechts- Univ.Kiel, (63):156 p.
(An attempt to generalize some features of fish growth and to reassess the von Bertalanffy growth formula in the light of these generalizations)

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(As per title)

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Pauly, D., 1980a On the interrelationships between natural mortality, growth parameters and mean environmental temperature in 175 fish stocks. J.Cons.CIEM, 39(3) : 175–192
(As per title; supersedes Pauly, 1978a on the same subject. Results are included here as Equations 35 and 36)

Petersen, C., 1892 Fiskenesbiologiske forhold i Holboek Fjord, 1890–1891. Beret.Landbugminist. Dan.Biol.Stn.(Fiskeriberet.), 1890(1891):121–84
(First use of length-frequency data to investigate fish growth)

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(An attempt to develop a multispecies extension of the Schaefer model suitable to tropical fisheries)

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(As per title)

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(Containing a wealth of biological data especially on movement and growth of reef fishes)

Ricker, W.E., 1975 Computation and interpretation of biological statistics of fish populations. Bull.Fish.Res.Board Can., (191) : 382 p.
(Latest edition of the second “classic” of fish population dynamics. A must for the serious practitioner, especially because this text covers all aspects of stock assessment, except features peculiar to the tropics)

Robson, D.S. and D.G. Chapman, 1961 Catch curves and mortality rates. Trans.Am.Fish.Soc., 90(2): 181–9
(Provide a full account of method for estimation of Z and its variance)

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(As per title)

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(Presents a compilation of fish crop data (on a surface area basis) including data for tropical systems)

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(Briefly reviews status of a typical tropical multispecies stocks, and discusses some implications of using M=1 in Equation 42)

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(As per title. Manual contains virtually no reference to tropical stocks, however)

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(The paper in which the original “Schaefer Model” is presented. The elaborate computation proposed in this original version are to a large extent superfluous, and simplified versions of this model are now used (see, e.g., Ricker, 1975))

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(As per title)

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(Demonstrates why conventional approaches cannot provide accurate estimates of tuna standing stock size, and suggests alternative approaches)

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(As per title)

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(As per title)

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(Contains - among other things - the results of a large number of selection experiments which were used in drawing Figure 12)

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(Paper presents several simple relationships from which equations 22 & 23 were derived including a simple method for the estimation of confidence intervals. Example given refer to Tilapia esculenta of Lake Victoria)

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(An attempt to derive growth and mortality rates from length-frequency data of reef fishes, and to use Beverton and Holt's model to suggest optimum mesh sizes for the fishery)

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(As per title)

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(As per title; contains a wealth of data on Southeast Asian and tropical stocks in general)

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(As per title)

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(Not seen)

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(Contains a large amount of information useful for stock assessment purposes of large pelagic fishes)

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(As per title)

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