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2000-01 Programme of Work

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2002-03 Programme of Work

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Common Services










553. This chapter covers the cost of common services, including mail and pouch, document distribution, archives and records, procurement, buildings maintenance and security at Headquarters, under the management of the Administrative Services Division (AFS). It also covers similar costs for common services in the Regional and Sub-regional Offices.

Changes in Resources

554. As explained under the preceding chapter, and further down below under the appropriate sub-programmes, the changes in resources are primarily on account of transfers from Major Programme 5.2.

Documents, Central Records and Communications User Services

555. Sub-programme covers mail, diplomatic pouch, document distribution and archives. With the introduction of the Digital Records Management System, the Archives Group is progressively addressing the requirements of ongoing maintenance of digital archives.

Buildings Maintenance

556. As a first priority, sub-programme is to cover the cost of utilities and ongoing maintenance requirements including cleaning, renovation and refurbishment. It also includes one-off major maintenance for the buildings and for ancillary technical installations. As in the past, the budgetary provision for major maintenance works and upgrading of the infrastructure remains tight. For infrastructure improvements, reliance is being placed more than ever on the support of the Italian Government as well as governmental and corporate donors. Main activities will include monitoring of the construction of the new library, and other important works in buildings A (restructuring to meet EU security and safety standards) and D (air-conditioning and sanitary installations) - all projects financed by the host government - and the execution of important works (e.g. building signs, signals and markings; fire detection and extinguishing systems; meeting documents distribution desk).


557. Sub-programme covers the Procurement Service (AFSP), which uses purchasing or contract instruments for national and international tendering and related procurement activities for both the regular and field programmes. Because of emergency work, procurement functions have expanded considerably and a high level of activities is expected to continue. AFSP will further assist decentralized offices in the implementation of procurement activities. During the 2002-03 biennium, operative procedures will continue to be monitored and necessary modifications made, based on the requirements of Oracle applications and the Field Accounting System (FAS). The Service will also review and seek to take advantage of any efficiencies to be gained through the expanded use of Internet and other tools. There is transfer of responsibilities from the Finance Division (AFF) to the Procurement Service concerning payment of invoices.

Security and Transport

558. This sub-programme covers the protection of people, property and premises at Headquarters, and related coordination with government authorities. It also includes fire prevention, and local official transport. All functions concerning the issuance of building passes - some of which used to be fulfilled be the Conference, Council and Protocol Affairs Division (GIC) - have been centralised in the Security and Transport Branch. A main activity will be the development of new security plans, taking into account the possibilities offered by recent infrastructure enhancements and new technologies, placing emphasis on fire prevention.

559. Sub-programme now covers the entire office of the Director, AFS, part of which used to be covered under Chapter 5, Support Services. The office of the Director is heavily involved with massive procurement operations in Iraq, necessary monitoring of important infrastructure projects at Headquarters, and the expanded activities to attract sponsors.