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The editors would like to acknowledge the contributions of the following individuals who provided interventions, insights and reactions to the Electronic Consultation, Electronic Conference and draft guidelines. We are grateful for their contributions without which the framework and context for this document would not have been possible.

Abdalla A. Abdalla

Alain Marcoux

Isabel Alvarez

Luis Joel Martinez

Juliet Aphane

Enrique Misle A.

Jorge Ardila

Godfrey Miti

Vethiaya Balasubramanian

Henry K. Mwandemere

Antonio J. Barroga

A.N. Mphuru

Noel Beninati

Lucio Munoz

Michael Bertelsen

Chanda Nimbkar

Tim Bostock

R.S. Paroda

Gladys Buenavista

Alex Percy-Smith

Roland Bunch

Liliana Pires

Fernando Chaparro

Odo Primavesi

Mike Collinson

Emilia Solis Quirós

Horst Doelle

M. Subhan Qureshi

Mary Duffy

Lena Arias Ramírez

Florence Egal

Iean Russell

Germán Escobar

Patricia Scharlin

Pierre Fabre

Emilia Solis

Seth Foster

John Stenhouse

Alan H. Fredeen

Prabhakar Tamboli

Folke Günther

M. Tankou

Rama Kedarnath (Kedar) Jonnalagadda

Anna Temu

Raanan Katzir

María Eugenia Villalobos

Shellemiah Keya

Alexander Von Der Osten

Russell King

Thomas Whittaker

M. Lantin

Michael A. Whyte

Sahr H.B. Lebbie

Patricio Yañez R.

Abubaker Maddur

Mohamed Sidki Zehni

The electronic conference team members were Isabel Alvarez, Rainer Krell, Abubaker Maddur, Henry Mwandemere, Wendy Truelove, Maria Zimmerman and Ester Zulberti from FAO; Fernando Chaparro and Christian Hoste from the NARS Secretariat; and Julia Earl, Constance Neely (Moderator), Thomas Price, Carla Roncoli and David Stewart from the SANREM CRSP.

Thanks are also due to Ms Kathleen Cason from the SANREM CRSP, copy editor and layout designer.

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