Deficit Irrigation Practices



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Deficit Irrigation Scheduling Based on Plant Growth Stages Showing Water Streets Tolerance
by C. Kirda

Yield Response of Field Crops to Deficit Irrigation
by P. Moutonnet

Use of the FAO CROPWAT Model in Deficit Irrigation Studies
by M. Smith, D. Kivumbi and L.K. Heng

Deficit Subsurface Drip Irrigation of Cotton
by J.C. Henggeler, J.M. Enciso, W.L. Multer and B.L. Unruh

Response of Groundnut to Deficit Irrigation During Vegetative Growth
P.C. Nautiyal, Y.C. Yoshi and Devi Dayal

Deficit Irrigation of Potato
C.C. Shock and E.B.G. Feibert

Management of Supplemental Irrigation of Winter Wheat for Maximum Profit
X. Zhang and D. Pei, Z. Li, J. Li and Y. Wang

Scheduling Deficit Irrigation of Fruit Trees for Optimizing Water Use Efficiency
I. Goodwin and A.M. Boland

Regulated Deficit Irrigation and Partial Rootzone Drying as Irrigation Management Techniques for Grapevines
M.G. McCarthy, B.R. Loveys, P.R. Dry and M. Stoll

Regulated Deficit Irrigation as a Water Management Strategy in Vitris Vinifera Production
by R.L. Wample and R. Smthyman

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