Twenty-ninth Session

Rome, 12-16 May 2003

Proposals for the Thematic Issue to be Considered at the Thirtieth Session of the Committee on World Food Security

1. In line with procedures set out by the Committee at its Twenty-fifth Session, this document puts forward a short list of thematic issues for the Committee's review and decision at its 29th session.

2. The Bureau considered a full range of topics and selected the following five themes for consideration by the Committee:

    1. An Assessement of the Costs of Hunger;
    2. Crop and Income Diversification - Implications for Small Holder Production Systems and Food Security;
    3. Best Practices in Reducing Poverty and Food Insecurity in Marginal Lands - Lessons from Successful Experiences in Sustainable Agricultural Practices and Economic Policies in Selected Countries;
    4. Agricultural Biodiversity: The Importance of Small Farmer in-situ Conservation of Plant Genetic Resources and Food Security;
    5. Implications of GMOs for Food Security and Food Safety.

3. Members of the Committee are invited to convey their views on the above list to members of the Bureau. The Bureau will prepare a final recommendation which will be discussed under Agenda Item VI(a): Arrangements for the Thirtieth Session.