Forests and human health

Unasylva No. 224
Vol. 57, 2006/2

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Rome, 2006

Editor: A. Perlis
Editorial Advisory Board: F. Castañeda, R. Czudek, T. Hofer, D. Kneeland, J.P. Koyo, A. Perlis, L. Russo, T. Vahanen, M.L. Wilkie
Emeritus Advisers:
J. Ball, I.J. Bourke, C. Palmberg-Lerche
Regional Advisers:
C. Carneiro, P. Durst, P. Koné, K. Prins

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Cover photo: Women gathering medicinal plants (Combretum micranthum) from the forest, Guinea
FAO/CFU000304/R. Faidutti


(Download complete version - 79KB)

Editorial (Download- 43KB)

C.J.P. Colfer, D. Sheil, D. Kaimowitz and M. Kishi
Forests and human health in the tropics: some important connections (Download- 325KB)

B.A. Wilcox and B. Ellis
Forests and emerging infectious diseases of humans (Download- 381KB)

Forestry and malaria control in Italy (Download- 125KB)

C. Holding Anyonge, G. Rugalema, D. Kayambazinthu, A. Sitoe and M. Barany
Fuelwood, food and medicine: the role of forests in the response to HIV and AIDS in rural areas of southern Africa (Download- 228KB)

J. Muriuki
Forests as pharmacopoeia: identifying new plant-based treatments for malaria (Download- 148KB)

E. Dounias and A. Froment
When forest-based hunter-gatherers become sedentary:consequences for diet and health (Download- 391KB)

T. Johns and P. Maundu
Forest biodiversity, nutrition and population health in market-oriented food systems (Download- 337KB)

K.R. Smith
Health impacts of household fuelwood use in developing countries (Download- 144KB)

Health guidelines for vegetation fire events (Download- 86KB)

J. Křeček and Z. Hořická
Forests, air pollution and water quality: influencing health in the headwaters of Central Europe’s "Black Triangle" (Download- 292KB)

The protective role of coastal forests in human security: fact or illusion? (Download- 78KB)

B. Moore, G. Allard and M. Malagnoux
Itching for the woods: forests, allergies and irritants (Download- 289KB)

L. O’Brien
“Strengthening heart and mind”: using woodlands to improve mental and physical well-being (Download- 362KB)

FAO Forestry (Download- 166KB)
World of Forestry (Download- 135KB)
Books (Download- 214KB)