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Appendix 1

Mon 16/9Depart Stirling, to Glasgow, collect visa, ticket, to Manchester and Islamabad;
Tue 17Arrive Islamabad, contact FAOR Islamabad, review background material;
Wed 18FAOR Islamabad; meet UNDP Programme Officer, FAOR a/i Mr Twyford, FAO staff, background project material, arrange travel to Muzaffarabad;
Thu 19Meet CTA Dr Kavalec, consultants Edwards, Cowx; travel to Muzaffarabad, discuss project status, and proposed project designs;
Fri 20Muzzafarabad; discuss project plans and activities, engineering inputs required; initial redrafting work;
Sat 21To Pattika, view existing temporary hatchery, discuss water supply and filtration designs, potential site capacity;
Sun 22To Chinari; check potential project site at unused hydropower station;
Mon 23To Baghra area, view potential fishfarm sites; also to Pattika for routine checks. Plans for visit to Leepar valley area.
Tue 24Meeting, Electricity board, re Chinari site plans; discussions with project and counterpart staff re main project document design
Wed 25To Chikar area (Leepar visit cancelled as no Army clearance), check potential trout farm sites
Thu 26Work on revised draft of AJK project document, also initial revision of Northern Territories document;
Fri 27Complete AJK revision, discuss PC1 document amendments with NPD for Government clearance;
Sat 28To Chinari, review possibilities for development if hydropower generation to restart;
Sun 29To Islamabad; FAO office, discuss project documents and project design, Ismet-Hakim, FAOR and Klein, Deputy RR UNDP; organise travel arrangements
Mon 30Islamabad, FAO office, discuss project approaches, UNDP, prepare initial revisions and draft AJK document for discussion; return to Muzaffarabad
Tue 1/10Work on Northern Areas project document
Wed 2Continue work on documents
Thu 3Work on documents, PA for Northern Areas project
Fri 4Preparation of final draft
Sat 5Travel to Islamabad
Sun 6To Rome via Karachi/Frankfurt
Mon 7Rome, debriefing, initial discussions
Tue 8Rome, debriefing, further discussions
Wed 9Rome, final discussions, agreements
Thu 10Arrive Glasgow/Stirling

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