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This publication is an attempt to capture a part of the story of IPM in Asia. No single volume can cover the entire length and breadth of this movement as it has progressed over the last two decades. We hope that others will continue to document and write in order to expand our knowledge and understanding of this important work while filling the many gaps left by this brief piece.

This volume was put together with the help of many. We are indebted to them all. In particular we owe the debt of inspiration to:

A mere list of the key persons and organizations involved in IPM in Asia over the last 10 years would comprise a book much longer than the current offering. Let us state that we have all benefited greatly from the steady long-term support of member governments and partner agencies across the region, and in particular the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations for making it possible to bring people-centred, ecologically informed educational programmes to millions of farmers in the Asian region.

Among the direct contributors to this monograph were Agus Susianto, Alifah Sri Lestari, Jonathan Pincus, Kuat Van Khanh, Nguyen Tuan Loc, Le Minh Dung, Bachriandi, Rizalihadi, Udin Muslim, Haji Fatchurrohman, Peter Ooi, Muhamad Atek Zambani, Abdul Rohman, Triyanto Purnama Adi, Didik Purwadi, William Settle, Soedijanto Padmodiharjo, Paiman, Nugroho Wienarto, Mansour Fakih, Sunani, Sri Yuliantiningsih, and Romini.


John Pontius
Russ Dilts
Andrew Bartlett

FAO community IPM programme member countries

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