Banana Improvement:
Cellular, Molecular
Biology, and
Induced Mutations


S. Mohan Jain
FAO/IAEA Joint Division, Plant Breeding and Genetics Section,
International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria

Rony Swennen
Laboratory of Tropical Crop Improvement, Catholic University of Leuven
Leuven, Belgium

Science Publishers, Inc.
Enfield (NH), USA
Plymouth, UK


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Large photo on the right: Early flowering banana mutant variety "Novaria" obtained by gamma irradiation, FAO/IAEA Laboratory, Seibersdorf, Austria; Field evaluation, United Plantation, Malaysia (N. Roux, INIBAP, France).

Photos on the left, from top to bottom:

a) Banana embryogenic cell suspension culture (B. Panis, KULeuven, Belgium)

b) Embryogenic cell clumps in embryogenic cell suspension culture of "Williams" variety (H. Strosse, KULeuven, Belgium)

c) Regeneration of somatic embryos using temporary immersion system (N. Roux, INIBAP, France).

d) Regenerated banana plants in nursery (R. Swennen, KULeuven, Belgium)

e) Chromosomes of an aneuploid plant 2n=3x-2=31 after in situ hybridization with probes for 5S ribosomal DNA (red signals) and telomeric repeats (green signals). (O. Alkhimova, IEB, Czech Republic)

f) PCR analysis (KULeuven, Belgium)

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Banana improvement: cellular, molecular biology, and induced mutations / S. Mohan Jain,Rony Swennen. p. cm.

Proceedings from a meeting held September 24-28, 2001, in Leuven, Belgium,

Includes bibliographical references (p.).

ISBN 1-57808-340-0

1. Bananas-Congresses. 2. Crop improvement-Congresses. I. Jain, S. Mohan. II. Swennen, Rony.

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ISBN 1-57808-340-0

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"To our wives Christine and Marja"

Table of Contents


Introduction - Shri Mohan Jain


1. Banana cell and tissue culture - review - Strosse, H., I. Van den Houwe, B. Panis
2. Cryopreservation of banana tissues: support for germplasm conservation and banana improvement - Panis, B., H. Strosse, S. Remy, L. Sági, R. Swennen
3. Mutation induction in Musa - review - Roux, N.S.
4. Usefulness of embryogenic cell suspension cultures for the induction and selection of mutants in Musa spp. - Roux, N.S., A. Toloza, J. Dolezel, B. Panis
5. Analysis of induced mutants of Philippine bananas with molecular markers - Hautea, D.M., G.C. Molina, C.H. Balatero, N.B. Coronado, E.B. Perez, M.T.H. Alvarez, A.O. Canama, R.H. Akuba, R.B. Quilloy, R.B. Frankie, C.S. Caspillo
6. Biotechnology and in vitro mutagenesis for banana improvement - Mak Chai,Y.W. Ho, K.W. Liew, J. M. Asif
7. Banana improvement through gamma irradiation and testing for banana bract mosaic virus in Sri Lanka - Hirimburegama, W.K., W.K.G. Dias, K. Hirimburegama
8. Field evaluation of potential mutants obtained after gamma irradiation of banana and plantain (Musa spp.) Shoot-tip and embryogenic cell cultures - López, J., H. Strosse, J. de la C. Ventura, R. Sánchez, S. Rodríguez, R. Swennen, B. Panis, R. Afza
9. Somaclonal variation in banana (Musa acuminata cv. Grande Naine). Genetic mechanism, frequency, and application as a tool for clonal selection - Khayat, E., A. Duvdevani, E. Lahav, B.A., Ballesteros
10. Banana protoplasts - Haïcour, R., A. Assani, K. Matsumoto, A. Guedira


11. Genomics of two banana pathogens: genetic diversity, diagnostics, and phylogeny of Mycosphaerella fijiensis and M. Musicola - Molina, C.M., G. Kahl
12. Towards a molecular understanding of Mycosphaerella/banana interactions - Balint-Kurti, P. and A.C.L. Churchill
13. Experimental evidence for the action of M. fijiensis toxins on banana photosynthetic apparatus - Busogoro, J.P., J.J. Etame, G. Harelimana, G. Lognay, J. Messiaen, P. Lepoivre, and P. van Cutsem
14. Analysis of the mechanisms of action of Mycosphaerella fijiensis toxins during the development of Black leaf streak disease - Busogoro, J.P, J.J. Etamé, G. Lognay, J. Messiaen, P. van Cutsem, P. Lepoivre
15. Development of in vitro techniques for the elimination of cucumber mosaic virus from banana (Musa spp.) - Helliot, B., B. Panis, R. Hernandez, R. Swennen, P. Lepoivre, E. Frison
16. Recent developments in early in vitro screening for resistance against migratory endoparasitic nematodes in Musa - Elsen A., D. de Waele
17. Lectin binding to the banana-parasitic nematode Radopholus similis - WUYTS, N., A. Elsen, E. van Damme, D. de Waele, R. Swennen, L. Sági
18. Early screening technique for Fusarium wilt resistance in banana micropropagated plants - Mak, C., A.A. Mohamed, K.W. Liew, Y.W. Ho


19. Molecular cytogenetics and cytometry of bananas (Musa spp.) - Doleel, J., M. Valárik, J. Vrána, M.A. Lysák, E. Høibová, J. Bartoš, N. Gasmanová, M. Doleelová, J. Šafáø, H. Šimková
20. Cytogenetic and cytometric analysis of nuclear genome in Musa - Doleel, J.
21. Detecting ploidy level instability of banana embryogenic cell suspension cultures by flow cytometry - Roux, N.S., H. Strosse, A. Toloza, B. Panis, J. Dolezel


22. The banana genome in focus: A technical perspective - Kahl, G.
23. Molecular characterization of genomes in Musa and its applications - Pillay, M., A. Tenkouano, G. Ude, R. Ortiz
24. Application of the amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) and the methylation-sensitive amplification polymorphism (MSAP) techniques for the detection of DNA polymorphisms and changes in DNA methylation in micropropagated bananas - James A.C., S. Peraza-Echeverria, V. Herrera-Valencia, O. Martinez
25. An ultrasensitive luminescent detection system in banana biotechnology: From promoter tagging to southern hybridisation - Remy, S., G. de Weerdt, I. Deconinck, R. Swennen, L. Sági
26. Discovery of functional genes in the Musa genome - Khayat, E.
27. Early detection of dwarf off-types in banana (Musa spp.) Using AFLP, TE-AFLP and MSAP analysis - Engelborghs, I., L. Sági, R. Swennen
28. The global Musa genomic consortium: A boost for banana improvement - Frison, E.A., J.V. Escalant, S. Sharrock


29. Agrobacterium- and particle bombardment-mediated transformation of a wide range of banana cultivars - Arinaitwe, G., S. Remy, H. Strosse, R. Swennen, L. Sági
30. Banana improvement with cellular and molecular biology, and induced mutations: Future and perspectives - Escalant, J.V., S. M. Jain



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