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Quality and Accessibility of Food-Related Data
Edited by Heather Greenfield
Proceedings of the First International Food Data Base Conference

Proceedings of the First International Food Data Base Conference

A satellite to the 15th International Congress of Nutrition

Edited by Heather Greenfield

The Proceedings of the First International Food Data Base Conference held in Sydney, Australia, 22–24 September 1993.

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First International Food Data Base Conference

Scientific Programme Committee

D.A.T. Southgate (UK) Chair

N-G. Asp (Sweden)

G.R. Beecher (USA)

R. Bressani (Guatemala)

R. English (Australia)

J.N. Thompson (Canada)

Aree Valyasevi (Thailand)

C.E. West (The Netherlands)

Organizing Committee

H. Greenfield

J. Barnes

B. Burlingame

K. Cashel

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Section I. National and International Food Composition Programs

Developing Comprehensive Policies and Programs for Improved Food Supplies and Nutrition
J.R. Lupien

The Food Composition Program of Indonesia: Past, Present and Future
D.S. Slamet

CHILEFOODS: Food Composition Activities in Chile and Latin America
L. Masson

Nutrient Composition of Wild-Gathered Foods from Mali
M.B. Nordeide, A. Oshaug, H. Holm

Section II. Methods and Conventions of Nutrient Analysis

AOAC INTERNATIONAL-Validated Methods for Nutrient Analysis — Method Availability and Method Needs
J.W. DeVries

Analysis and Classification of Digestible and Undigestible Carbohydrates
N-G. Asp

Recent Developments in the Determination of Water-Soluble Vitamins in Food — Impact on the Use of Food Composition Tables for the Calculation of Vitamin Intakes
P.M. Finglas

Update on the Analysis of Total Lipids, Fatty Acids and Sterols in Foods
A.J. Sinclair

Conventions for the Expression of Analytical Data
D.A.T. Southgate

Section III. Quality Control of Food Composition Data and Databases

Food Classification and Terminology Systems
J.A.T. Pennington

Nutritional Metrology: The Role of Reference Materials in Improving Quality of Analytical Measurements and Data on Food Components
J.T. Tanner, W.R. Wolf, W. Horwitz

Strategies for Sampling: The Assurance of Representative Values
J.M. Holden, C.S. Davis

Assuring Regional Data Quality in the Food Composition Program in China
G. Wang, X. Li

Quality Control for Food Composition Data in Journals — A Primer
K.K. Stewart, M.R. Stewart

Section IV. Information Needs and Computer Systems

The Future Information Needs for Research at the Interface Between Food Science and Nutrition
C.E. West

Food Database Management Systems — A Review
W. Becker, I. Unwin

Data Identification Considerations in International Interchange of Food Composition Data
J.C. Klensin

Food Data: Numbers, Words and Images
B. Burlingame, F. Cook, G. Duxfield, G. Milligan

Computer Construction of Recipes to Meet Nutritional and Palatability Requirements
L.R. Fletcher, P.M. Soden

Requirements for Applications Software for Computerized Databases in Research Projects
D. Mackerras

Section V. Food Composition Data and Population Studies

Food Monitoring in Denmark
A. Møller

Food Composition Data Requirements for Nutritional Epidemiology of Cancer and Chronic Diseases
N. Slimani, E. Riboli, H. Greenfield

Developing a Food Composition Database for Studies in the Pacific Islands
J.H. Hankin, L. Le Marchand, L.N. Kolonel, B.E. Henderson, G. Beecher

The Effects of Australian, US and UK Food Composition Tables on Estimates of Food and Nutrient Availability in Australia
K.M. Cashel, H. Greenfield

Quality Control in the Use of Food and Nutrient Databases for Epidemiologic Studies
I.M. Buzzard, S.F. Schakel, J. Ditter-Johnson

Construction of a Database of Inherent Bioactive Compounds in Food Plants
A.D. Walker, R. Preece, J.A. Plumb, R. Fenwick, B.K. Heaney

Section VI. Copyright, Food Industry and Food Safety Considerations

International and Australian Copyright Considerations in Data and Data Compilations
S. Ricketson

Non-Nutrient Databases for Foods
K. Louekari

Food Composition Databases in the Food Industry
O. de Rham

The Databases of the Australian National Food Authority
J. Lewis, S. Brooke-Taylor, F. Stenhouse

Use of Databases for Nutrition Labeling in the United States
J.T. Tanner

Functional Foods for Specific Health Use — The Needs for Compositional Data
K. Shinohara

The Second Food Data Base Conference