Partnering for Results    

Partnering for Results

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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Rome 2013

Table of Contents







1. Countries help turn Voluntary Guidelines on Tenure into action


2. Seeking end to loss and waste of food along production


3. Post-rinderpest era, but not ‘case closed’


4. Establishing and linking global fish-trade information networks


5. Building on success: programme expands focus from forests to landscapes


6. Banana varieties resistant to fungus are identified using mutation induction


7. Control of fruit fly does not stop at national borders


8. Mentoring programme leads to new guidelines to control foodborne diseases


9. Accenting the ‘culture’ in agriculture




10. Simple fish-drying racks improve livelihoods and nutrition in Burundi


11. South-South Cooperation successfully links Nigeria, China and FAO


12. Conservation Agriculture contributes to Zimbabwe economic recovery


13. Women of Kanem taking the lead in agricultural development


14. Community listeners’ clubs empower rural women and men


15. Decreasing child labour through promoting decent rural employment


16. Sahelian and West African governments avoid surprises thanks to seasonal monitoring


17. Countries take responsibility for regional desert locust control


18. Horticulture feeds Democratic Republic of Congo cities


19. Kenyan Maasai pastoralists learn to cherish horticulture as crops thrive despite drought


20. Tanzania’s forest inventory provides critical baseline data


21. Forest surveys provide baseline data for participation in REDD+




22. Smallholder tea producers benefit from harmonized safety standards


23. FAO’s EU Food Facility projects end but their impact continues


24. Asia’s largest lagoon ecosystem now on sustainable course for the future




25. Improved farmers’ organizations support Caribbean economies


26. Producing quality seeds means quality yields


27. Haiti’s community gardeners enthusiastic about nutrition




28. Poultry projects enhance lives of Afghan women


29. Women dairy farmers reinvest income to support their families