programme budget proposals

Chapter 1: General Policy and Direction

Major Programme 1.1: Governing Bodies

(all amounts in US$ 000)
  Programme 2004-05 Programme of Work ZRG Programme Change ZRG 2006-07 Programme of Work RG Programme Change RG 2006-07 Programme of Work
111 Conference and Council 6,904 3,029 9,933 0 9,933
112 Conference Services 8,674 (3,528) 5,146 0 5,146
113 Protocol Services 2,270 499 2,769 0 2,769
119 Programme Management 1,750 0 1,750 0 1,750
Total 19,598 0 19,597 0 19,597
ZNG Impact     (1,471)    
Total     18,127    

Substantive thrusts under ZRG conditions

166.     Major Programme 1.1 ensures that FAO’s governance process is carried out according to established rules. It covers the organization of the Conference, Council and Council Committees, as well as liaison and protocol activities at headquarters. The major programme provides logistical support and services for FAO meetings, ensuring adequate language coverage as per the Organization’s language policy.

167.     The shift of resources among programmes is due to the transfer in the Medium Term Plan 2006-11 of some of the activities of Support to Governing Bodies and Relations with Governments from Programme 1.1.2 to Programme 1.1.1. The activities related to Meetings of Permanent Representatives, previously included under Programme 1.1.1, have been transferred to Programme 1.1.3.

168.     The revised PWB 2004-05 already incorporated reductions which led to major difficulties in implementing the programmes and planned outputs. Under ZRG conditions in 2006-07, further cost efficiencies would, however, be sought in activities and services. While no further reduction in the number of days of governing body sessions could be envisaged under this scenario, an indicative list of further saving measures include:

  • a more stringent limitation on the length of the documents;
  • enhanced electronic distribution of main session documents. In addition, information documents would be distributed via electronic means only and arrangements would be made with Permanent Representations for documents to be printed on demand only, according to their specific needs;
  • an additional reduction of staff overtime costs for the sessions, through tighter control of timetables;
  • the elimination of the Terminology and Reference Library services (implying a transfer of the physical collection to the David Lubin Library);
  • the implementation of cost-recovery mechanisms for processing and delivering administrative documents (Visas, Laissez-passers, etc.) to World Food Programme; and
  • the elimination or more efficient production of the verbatim records for the Council and Conference sessions (see section on Efficiency Savings).

Zero Nominal Growth Impact

169.     A ZNG scenario would imply an even more significant reduction of the resources available to the Conference, Council and Protocol Affairs Division (GIC). Cuts would particularly affect the Secretariat's support to meetings, such as those of the G77 Group, and the translation workflow and document referencing services for official meeting documentation.