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Field of study

Agroforestry knowledge/agriculture

How much tree seed knowledge are you taught, both agriculture and agroforestry?

Useful/how/in extension

In your home villages are there farmers dealing with tree seeds?

How tree seed is procured/self collection/purchase

Do farmers consider tree seed as profitable venture?

If yes, what are they doing to advertise themselves - expansion?

How do you think you can help farmers in this regard?

Do you think that you can start your seed business?

Which species do you think are profit-making

If so, where would you get your tree seed?

Do you know of any tree seed providers/name them (individuals/private/government/NGO) - where do they get the seed?

Seedling sale as a business

With the book-keeping you are taught, would you be able to help farmers to see if they are making profit or not?

Do you think your accounting is sufficient for this job?

If not, do you think refresher courses would help?

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