Rome, Italy, 13-16 March 2007




COFO 2007/2
Provisional Agenda
COFO 2007/5

Forests and Energy: New challenges in sustainable forest management

COFO 2007/6

Forest Protection

COFO 2007/7

Putting Forestry to Work at the Local Level

COFO 2007/8.1

Progressing Towards Sustainable Forest Management

COFO 2007/8.2
Progressing Towards Sustainable Forest Management. In-Session Seminar: Regional action on sustainable forest management 
COFO 2007/9.1Rev.1
Issues Identified by the Regional Forestry Commissions and the Technical Forestry Statutory Bodies for the Attention of COFO at its 18th Session
COFO 2007/9.2
Matters Discussed by FAO Governing Bodies at Sessions Held in 2005 and 2006 of Interest to the Committee on Forestry
COFO 2007/10.1
Review of FAO programmes in Forestry: Actions to implement the Recommendations of the 17th session of the Committee on Forestry
COFO 2007/10.2
Shaping an Action Programme for FAO in Forestry
COFO 2007/11
XIII WORLD FORESTRY CONGRESS. 18-25 October 2009, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Forests in Development: A Vital Balance
COFO 2007/Inf.1
Provisional timetable
COFO 2007/Inf.2 Rev.1
List of documents
COFO 2007/Inf.3
List of participants
COFO 2007/Inf.4
Statement of competence and voting rights submitted by the European Community (EC) and its member countries
COFO 2007/Inf.5
The Agriculture – Forest Interface
COFO 2007/Inf.6
Outcome of the Expert consultation on global forest resources assessment: Towards FRA 2010 (Kotka, Finland, 12-16 June 2006)