Food and people
Protect and produce
Building the global community
Food and agriculture: the future

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by the Rt Hon the Baroness Chalker of Wallasey, Minister for Overseas Development, United Kindom

by Dr Jacques Diouf, Director-General of FAO

Food and people

  Human nutrition: Key to health and development

People and populations at risk

  Availability of food: How countries compare
  Staple foods: What do people eat?
Who are the food producers?
  Impact of poverty on life
  Feeding the world: The search for food security

Protect and produce

The soil
  Water: A finite resource
  Restoring the land
  How many people can the land support?
Fisheries at the limit?
  Aquaculture: From hunter to farmer
  Forests of the world
Wealth from the wild
  Controlling pests
  Biological diversity
  Sustainable agriculture and rural development

Building the global community

A family of nations: 'Haves' and 'have nots'
World trade: Why is it important?
  Food aid
  Beating the debt burden
  The challenge of food production
The view from space: Building models of the world
  Transfer of technology
  A question of commitment

Food and agriculture: the future

  The right to food
Agriculture in the twenty-first century
  Sharing the world's resources
  Global warming
  The challenge of sustainability
Fair and free trade
Tapping the peace dividend
Promises to keep

Further information

World map - A country by country reference

The United Nations system

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