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23. Framework for general co-operation between the Arab Republic of Egypt and Ethiopia signed at Cairo, 1 July 1993

The Arab Republic of Egypt and Ethiopia,


RECOGNIZING the importance of the traditional ties existing between the two countries that have been consolidated during their long history of close relations and linked by the Nile river with its basin as a centre of mutual interest,


Hereby agree on the following framework for co-operation:


Article 4

The two Parties agree that the issue of the use of the Nile waters shall be worked out in detail, through discussions by experts from both sides, on the basis of the rules and principles of international law.

Article 5

Each party shall refrain from engaging in any activity related to the Nile waters that may cause appreciable harm to the interests of the other party.

Article 6

The two Parties agree on the necessity of the conservation and protection of the Nile waters, in this regard, they undertake to consult and cooperate in projects that are mutually advantageous, such as projects that would enhance the volume of flow and reduce the loss of Nile waters through comprehensive and integrated development schemes.

Article 7

The two Parties will create appropriate mechanism for periodic consultations on matters of mutual concern, including the Nile waters, in a manner that would enable them to work together for peace and stability in the region.

Article 8

The two Parties shall endeavour towards a framework for effective co-operation among countries of the Nile basin for the promotion of common interest in the development of the basin.


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