Drylands development and combating desertification
Bibliographic study of experiences in China

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Editorial notes

1. Overview of land desertification issues and activities in the people's republic of China

A. The extent of land desertification
B. China's initial achievements in combating desertification
C. Mechanisms for combating desertification

2. The natural of arid, semi-arid zones and desertification in the people's republic of China

3. Definitions and methodologies

A. Definitions
B. Theories and hypotheses
C. Methodologies
D. Studies on the natural environment of arid and semi-arid zones

4. Desertification phenomena

A. Distribution of desertification phenomena
B. Views on the desertification process
C. Desertification caused by natural factors
D. Desertification caused by artificial factors

5. Combating desertification and drylands development in the people's republic of China

A. Socio-economic aspects of combating desertification
B. Economical measures costs and profitability
C. Techniques and technologies of drylands development and combating desertification
D. Scientific research related to drylands development and combating desertification

Annex 1: Coordinates of bibliographic entries

Annex 2: Bibliographic entries