Annex 1

Reproducible advice to farmers and other pesticide users

The following section contains material based on simple graphic images and easily translatable text advising pesticide users on how to avoid waste problems and on what actions they should take to deal with the problem when it arises. It also includes clear advice on actions that should not be taken by pesticide users when dealing with pesticide waste. This material can be photocopied or duplicated in any way that is convenient for distribution to farmers and other pesticide users. It can also be adapted to suit the needs of local communities.

1. Only buy and use pesticides if you must.
Ask advice about pest management

2a. No damaged/repackaged containers or missing labels.
Buy original whole undamaged product

2b. No decanting pesticides into other containers

2c. No decanting pesticides into other containers

3. Only buy as much pesticide as you need

4a. Store pesticides securely

4b. Do not store pesticides next to/near food

4c. No eating food near pesticides

4d. Children should not be allowed to play with or have any contact with pesticides

5. Read label and follow directions

6. Return unused/unknown products to supplier

7a. No water in empty containers

7b. No fuel in empty containers

7c. No food in empty containers

8a. No burying

8b. No burning