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We thank Merri Camhi, Geremy Cliff, and Bill Richards for comments on the manuscript. We thank Josh Bennet, Greg Cailliet, Joao Correia, Sheldon Dudley, Robert Hueter, Oistein Jakobsen, Marcel Kroese, Gerry Scott, Paddy Walker, and Terry Walker for species and/or fishery data. We depended on two sterling librarians who unearthed many difficult-to-find references: Harriet Corvino at the Southeast Fisheries Science Center, and Jean Collins at FAO, Rome. Their help was simply splendid. We are most grateful to Richard Grainger of FAO for all his wonderful logistical help during the project, and for his hospitality to the senior author during his visits to Rome. This project could not have been accomplished without his guidance and help. We are also grateful to the anonymous reviewer who suggested the status categories used here, solving a thorny problem.

This is contribution No. PRD-97/98-20 of the Protected Resources and Biodiversity Division of the Southeast Fisheries Science Center, NMFS, NOAA.

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