Report of the Conference of FAO

Second Session

Copenhagen, Denmark, 2-13 September 1946

Table of Contents

I. Food and agriculture organization of the United Nations

II. Officers of the Second Session of the Conference

III. Officers of Commissions and Commission Committees of the Second Session of the Conference

IV. Member Nations Represented at the Second Session of the Conference

V. Introduction

VI. Admission of new members

VII. Admission of observers to The Second Session

VIII. Resolutions adopted by the Conference at its Second Session

A. Resolution establishing a Preparatory Commission World Food Proposals
B. Relationship with the United Nations
C. Relationship with International Nongovernmental Organizations
D. Amendment of the Constitution regarding voting rights
E. Amendment of the rules of procedure regarding the emoluments or allowances of The Executive Committee
F. Amendment of the rules of procedure regarding attendance of Executive Committee Members
G. Amendment of the financial regulations regarding the financial year of the Organization
H. Amendment of the financial regulations regarding the Committee on financial control
I. Financial arrangements for 1946-47
J. Accounts of the interim commission
K. Budget for the first financial year
L. Executive committee allowances
M. Scale of contributions
N. Resolution on the budget

IX. Budget and contributions

X. Report of Commission a to the Conference

A. Agriculture
B. Nutrition
C. Forestry and forest products
D. Fisheries
E. Economics and statistics
F. FAO missions

XI. Report of Commission B to the Conference

A. Constitution and organization
B. Finance
C. Annex to Report of Commission B

XII. Report of Commission C to the Conference

A. World Food Board
B. 1946-47 food situation

XIII. Appendix

A. Draft agreement between the United Nations and FAO
B. Proposed statement to The Economic and Social Council
C. Report of Director-General on International Institute of Agriculture
D. Report of Director-General on Comité International du Bois
E. Statement of Director-General on periodic reports of Member Governments
F. Report of Director-General on payment of contributions
G. Report of the Executive Committee to The Conference
H. Resolution on agricultural production adopted by The fifth session of The Council of UNRRA