Report of the Conference of FAO
Eighteenth Session
Rome, 8 - 27 November 1975

Table of Contents

I. Corrigendum

II. Introduction

A. Ninth McDougall memorial lecture
B. Presentation of the B.R. Sen awards for 1974 and 1975
C. Commemoration of the centenary of the birth of André Mayer
D. Vote of thanks to Dr. A.H. Boerma
E. Tribute to senior FAO officers
F. In memoriam

III. Procedure of the session

A. Election of the chairman and vice-chairmen of the conference
B. Appointment of the general committee and the credentials committee
C. Adoption of the agenda
D. Arrangements for the session and allocation of agenda items

Establishment of commissions and appointment of their chairmen ant vice-chairmen
Resolutions committee of the conference
Right of reply
Verbatim records
Verification of credentials
Voting rights
Informal meeting of international non-governmental organizations

E. Admission of observers

Applicants for membership
Liberation movements
Intergovernmental and international non-governmental organizations

IV. Major trends and policies in Food and Agriculture

A. The state of Food and Agriculture 1975

Current World Food situation
Implementation of the international undertaking on World Food security
Fertilizers and pesticides
Procedure for reporting on "The State of Food and Agriculture "
Mid-term review and appraisal of the second United Nations development decade (DD2)
Food and Agricultural policies for a new international economic order

B. Strengthening of national and international agricultural research

Areas of research requiring further emphasis
FAO's role in support of agricultural research
Approach to international cooperation in agricultural research

C. Commodity and trade problems

Commodity market
Establishment of an international agricultural commodity agency

D. Proposed strategy for international agricultural adjustment
E. The role of women in rural development
F. Policies and programmes for improving human nutrition
G. Review of the world fishery situation
H. Review of the world forestry situation
I. Development of Food and Agricultural products processing industries

V. Activities and programmes of the organization

A. Programme of work and budget 1976-77

Programme proposals: General
Credit to small farmers
Freedom from hunger campaign/Action for development
1980 World census of agriculture
National institutions
Proposed new posts and upgrading
Meetings, publications, documents and travel
Regular programme evaluation
Impact on regular programme of extra-budgetary activities
Additional lapse factor
Rate of exchange
Budget level

B. Review of field programmes including FAO/UNDP cooperation

Resource and liquidity difficulties of the UNDP

C. Medium term objectives
D. United Nations/FAO world food programme
E. Review of the recommendations the special session of the UN general assembly devoted to development and international economic cooperation (September 1975)
F. Relations with the world food council, the Consultative Group on Food Production and Investment (CGFPI) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
G. Other questions arising from discussions in the united nations and other specialized agencies
H. Relations with intergovernmental and international non-governmental organizations

VI. Constitutional and legal matters

A. Establishment of a committee on World Food security
B. Reconstitution of the intergovernmental committee of the World Food Programme as a committee or food aid policies and programmes
C. Role, functions and composition of the FAO council
D. Standing committees of the council

Future composition of CCP and COFI and future functions and activities of the CCP
Procedure for acquisition of membership (CCP, COFI, COFO, COAG): Amendment to Article V-6 of the constitution
Terms of reference and periodicity of sessions (COAG)

E. Amendment to Article VI-3 of the constitution
F. Statutory report on status of conventions and agreements and on amendments thereto
G. Granting of official status to international organizations
H. Amendments to the general rules of the organization (Summary programme of work and budget and procedure for the convening of sessions of standing committees of the council)
I. Amendment to the financial regulations
J. Site of FAO regional office for Latin America

VII. Administrative and financial matters

A. Audited accounts
B. Sale of contributions

Study on the basis of the FAO scale of contributions
Scale of contributions 1976-77
Scale of Contributions 1974-75

C. Change of assessment (1973)
D. Allocation of cash surplus
E. Working capital fund: Level of fund and reimbursement of withdrawal in 1974

Authority for the director-general to undertake emergency action for the control of livestock diseases and to carry out initial control activities against the desert locust and other crop pests in emergencies
Increase in the level of the working capital fund
Authority to establish a new suspense account
Progress report on currency fluctuations

F. Emoluments of the director-general
G. Integration of the credit union in FAO
H. Status of contributions
I. Assessment of new member nations
J. Payment of contributions - Chad and Dominican Republic

VIII. Appointments and elections

A. Applications for membership in the organization
B. Election of council members
C. Appointment of the director-general
D. Appointment of the independent chairman of the council
E. Appointment of member government representatives to the staff pension committee
F. Date and place of the nineteenth session of the conference

IX. Appendixes

A. Agenda for the eighteenth conference session
B. List of delegates and observers
C. List of documents
D. Statement shoving the contribution of contributions for 1976 and 1977
E. Scale of contributions 1976-77