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Section 1: SCOPE

1.1 These guidelines apply to the following products which carry, or are intended to carry, descriptive labelling referring to organic production methods:

a) unprocessed plants and plant products, livestock and livestock products to the extent that the principles of production and specific inspection rules for them are introduced in Annexes 1 and 3; and

b) processed agricultural crop and livestock products[2] intended for human consumption derived from (a) above.

1.2 A product will be regarded as bearing indications referring to organic production methods where, in the labelling or claims, including advertising material or commercial documents, the product, or its ingredients, is described by the terms "organic", “biodynamic”, "biological", "ecological", or words of similar intent including diminutives which, in the country where the product is placed on the market, suggests to the purchaser that the product or its ingredients were obtained according to organic production methods.

1.3 Paragraph 1.2 does not apply where these terms clearly have no connection with the method of production.

1.4 These guidelines apply without prejudice to other Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) provisions governing the production, preparation, marketing, labelling and inspection of the products specified in paragraph 1.1.

1.5 All materials and/or the products produced from genetically engineered/modified organisms (GEO/GMO) are not compatible with the principles of organic production (either the growing, manufacturing, or processing) and therefore are not accepted under these guidelines.

[2] Until lists of ingredients of non agricultural origin and processing aids permitted in the preparation of products of livestock origin are elaborated, competent authorities should develop their own lists.

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