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This "Glossary of Biotechnology for Food and Agriculture" is a revised, augmented version of the "Glossary of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering" published by FAO in 1999. The preface of the previous edition clearly stated the reasons for the immediate need to undertake a complete revision, namely, the swiftness of change in the sector, constant evolving terminology and difficulty to remain abreast of technological evolution.

When the Glossary was published, FAO was conscious that it could contain some errors, omissions or infelicities, and therefore expressly considered the first edition as provisional.

The Glossary generated a considerable amount of interest worldwide, as verified by the many appreciative messages, number of visits to the related website and repeated requests for translation of the definitions into the other official FAO languages.

The process of revision, which is described in detail in the acknowledgement section, took an entire year and involved a number of scientists, editors, teachers and experts in different fields of biotechnology. The used approach was largely participative, attempting to involve in the review process also the audience of the Glossary.

The result of the process is presented here. However, FAO does not consider to have completed the process but only to have reached a further intermediary step. This edition of the "Glossary of Biotechnology for Food and Agriculture" must be therefore deemed as a new provisional contribution and inputs from users are encouraged.

Together with the continued reviewing process, FAO plans to translate the terms and definitions into other languages, in order to make the Glossary useful for a larger user platform.

This new edition also sees a change in the title. The new title more precisely reflects the scope of the Glossary, limited to terms in Biotechnology for Food and Agriculture.

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