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The author wishes to acknowledge the many people who contributed ideas and information. A special thanks goes to Hans Porse, of CP Kelco ApS, who used his extensive contacts in the industry and his own expertise to compile the tables of statistics - a difficult task in the seaweed industry.

Thanks also to the following, who contributed in various ways: Marcela Avila; Rafael Armisen; Pierre Arzel; Erick Ask; H.R. "Pete" Bixler; Paul Brady; Duika Burges Watson; A.A. "Ed" Cayer; Javier Fernandez; Joel Fleurence; Joanna M. Jones; P.P. Kirsch; David Luxton; Alan Millar; Gillies Mur; David Myslabodski; Masao Ohno; Klaus Rotmann; Peter Salling; Richard K. Searle; and Linda Theriault.

Finally a special thanks to the author's wife, Jan, for her understanding and support during the writing of this paper.

Final editing on behalf of FAO and preparation for publishing was by Thorgeir Lawrence.

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