FAO Diversification booklet 5

FAO Diversification booklet 5

Processed foods for improved livelihoods

Peter Fellows
Agricultural Support Systems Division
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Rome 2004
Table of Contents

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Table of Contents


Basic facts about food preparation and processing

Types of processing
Effect of processing on the quality of foods
Scales of operation

Benefits of food preparation and processing for creating healthy families and sustainable livelihoods
Making choices and factors influencing choices

Processing for improved nutrition or food security
Processing for sale

Problems and deterrents to growth of small-scale food processing

Raw material supplies and planning production
Distribution and sales

Market investigations

Marketing plans

How to do it: appropriate equipment and methods

Bakery products
Dried or smoked foods
Snack foods

Supporting resources required for small-scale processing

Production facilities
Training, skill development and networking

Annex A: Selected international institutions that support small-scale processing
Annex B: Sources of information on small-scale processing
Annex C: Glossary
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