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The author would like to express his gratitude to Peter Blake of Rudebeck and Co, Nick van Heeschvelde of Versele-Laga, Karel Nuyts of Granaria NV, Ian Bollard of Lenersane Poortman BV and Greg Tufts of the National Wildlife Federation for providing information. In addition, thanks to several commodity brokers who prefer to remain unnamed and to local retailers of bird food for their time and willingness to answer questions on the trade in small grains for bird food.

The author also wishes to thank Peter Steele and Divine Njie of the Agricultural and Food Engineering Technologies Service (AGST) of FAO, Rome, for organizing the production of this report, for providing encouragement and for editing the earlier versions. The assistance of Lynette Chalk and Larisso D'Aquilio in the preparation of the report is gratefully acknowledged.

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