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CBDConvention on Biological Diversity
CEDAWConvention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women
CIPInternational Potato Center
COPConference of the Parties
DFIDDepartment for international Development (UK)
ESEAPRegional Office for East, Southeast and the Pacific
FAOFood and agriculture Organization of the united nations
GPAGlobal Plan of action
GTZDeutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit GmbH
ICIntergovernmental Committee
ICESRInternational Convention on Social and Cultural rights
IDRCInternational Development research Centre (Canada)
IITAInternational institute of Tropical agriculture
IKIndigenous knowledge
ILOInternational labour Organization
IPIntellectual Property
IPGRIInternational Plant genetic resources institute
ISNARInternational Service for national agricultural research
ITPGRFAInternational Treaty on Plant genetic resources for Food and agriculture
IUInternational undertaking on Plant genetic resources
IUCNThe World Conservation union
KEPDAKenya Economic Pastoralist Development association
NGONon-governmental organization
NRINatural resources institute (UK)
ODIOverseas Development institute (UK)
PGRPlant genetic resources
PGRFAPlant genetic resources in food and agriculture
PICPrior informed consent
PIPSPolicies, institutions and processes
SEAGASocio-economic and gender analysis Programme (FAO)
SEARICESouth East Asia regional initiatives for Community Empowerment
SLSustainable livelihoods
SNNPRSouthern nations, nationalities and People's region
TKTraditional knowledge
TRIPSTrade related intellectual Property agreement
UNEPUnited nations Environment Programme
UPOVUnion pour la Protection des Variétés Végétales
UPWARDUser's Persepectives with agricultural research and Development
WTOWorld Trade Organization

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