Thirty-second Session

The Director-General's



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Overall Approach

Inter-governmental guidance

Towards a strategic budget

Contributions to Strategic Objectives

Distribution of Resources by Strategic Objectives

Overview of relevant activities

Strategies to Address Cross-organizational Issues

Priority Areas for Inter-disciplinary Action (PAIAs)


Overview of Total Resource Availability

Risk Assessment

Developments Under Extra-budgetary Resources

Efficiency Savings and Organizational Changes

Fully Implemented and Operational Efficiency Saving Measures

On-going Efficiency Measures

New Efficiency Savings Measures


Cost Increases


Analysis of Cost Increases

Budget Level and Funding

Programme Budget

Summary Tables

Overview of Programme Budget Proposals

RG Scenario – Proposed Programme of Work

RG Scenario – Proposed Appropriation

ZRG Scenario – Proposed Programme of Work

ZRG Scenario – Proposed Appropriation

Chapter 1: General Policy and Direction

Major Programme 1.1: Governing Bodies

Programme 1.1.1: Conference and Council

Programme 1.1.2: Conference Services

Programme 1.1.3: Protocol Services

Major Programme 1.2: Policy, Direction and Planning

Programme 1.2.1: Director-General's Office

Programme 1.2.2: Programme Planning, Budgeting and Evaluation

Programme 1.2.3: Audit and Inspection

Programme 1.2.4: Legal Services

Programme 1.2.5: Programme and Operational Coordination

Major Programme 1.3: External Coordination and Liaison

Programme 1.3.1: External Relations and Coordination

Programme 1.3.2: Liaison Offices

Chapter 2: Technical and Economic Programmes

Major Programme 2.1: Agricultural Production
and Support Systems

Programme 2.1.0: Intra-departmental Entities

Programme 2.1.1: Natural Resources

Programme 2.1.2: Crops

Programme 2.1.3: Livestock

Programme 2.1.4: Agricultural Support Systems

Programme 2.1.5: Agricultural Applications of Isotopes
and Biotechnology

Programme 2.1.9: Programme Management

Major Programme 2.2: Food and Agriculture Policy
and Development

Programme 2.2.0: Intra-departmental Entities

Programme 2.2.1: Nutrition, Food Quality and Safety

Programme 2.2.2: Food and Agricultural Information

Programme 2.2.3: Food and Agricultural Monitoring,
Assessments and Outlooks

Programme 2.2.4: Agriculture, Food Security and Trade Policy

Programme 2.2.9: Programme Management

Major Programme 2.3: Fisheries

Programme 2.3.1: Fisheries Information

Programme 2.3.2: Fisheries Resources and Aquaculture

Programme 2.3.3: Fisheries Exploitation and Utilization

Programme 2.3.4: Fisheries Policy

Programme 2.3.9: Programme Management

Major Programme 2.4: Forestry

Programme 2.4.1: Forest Resources

Programme 2.4.2: Forest Products and Economics

Programme 2.4.3: Forestry Policy and Institutions

Programme 2.4.4: Forestry Information and Liaison

Programme 2.4.9: Programme Management

Major Programme 2.5: Contributions to Sustainable
Development and Special Programme Thrusts

Programme 2.5.1: Research, Natural Resources Management
and Technology Transfer

Programme 2.5.2: Gender and Population

Programme 2.5.3: Rural Development

Programme 2.5.6: Food Production in Support
of Food Security in LIFDCs

Programme 2.5.9: Programme Management

Chapter 3: Cooperation and Partnerships

Major Programme 3.1: Policy Assistance

Programme 3.1.1: Coordination of Policy Assistance
and Field Programme Development

Programme 3.1.2: Policy Assistance to Various Regions

Programme 3.1.3: Legal Assistance to Member Nations

Major Programme 3.2: Support to Investment

Programme 3.2.1: FAO/World Bank Cooperative Programme

Programme 3.2.2: Investment Support Programme

Major Programme 3.3: Field Operations

Programme 3.3.1: Field Operations in Various Regions

Programme 3.3.2: Central Support and Special Activities

Programme 3.3.3: Emergency Operations and Rehabilitation

Major Programme 3.4: FAO Representatives

Major Programme 3.5: Cooperation with External Partners

Programme 3.5.1: Multilateral and Bilateral Agencies

Programme 3.5.2: Civil Society Awareness and Partnerships

Programme 3.5.3: Cooperation Agreements with Member Nations
and Support to ECDC and TCDC

Major Programme 3.9: Programme Management

Chapter 4: Technical Cooperation Programme

Chapter 5: Support Services

Major Programme 5.1: Information and Publications Support

Programme 5.1.1: Public Information and Publications Support

Major Programme 5.2: Administration

Programme 5.2.1: Financial Services

Programme 5.2.2: Information Systems and Technology Services

Programme 5.2.3: Human Resources Services

Programme 5.2.9: Programme Management

Chapter 6: Common Services

Chapter 7: Contingencies

Chapter 8: Transfer to Tax Equalization Fund

Regional Dimensions



Annex I: Regular Programme-funded New Posts and Abolitions

Annex II: Information Products Revolving Fund

Annex III: List of Scheduled Sessions