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FAO marches ahead with the global FMD control strategy

11 January 2013 - The EMPRES-FMD unit organized an FAO internal meeting on Foot-and-Mouth-Disease (FMD) on December 11th and 12th 2012 at FAO headquarters in Rome. Livestock officers from the decentralized offices covering all FAO regions were present to discuss the current FMD portfolio as well as gaps and needs of regions to roll out the Global FMD Control Strategy as presented by FAO and OIE during the Global Conference on FMD Control in Bangkok, Thailand in June 2012.

In order to roll out the Global FMD Control Strategy, it was highlighted that emphasis must be placed on regional coordination of country-based activities following the concept of the Progressive Control Pathway (PCP) for FMD. In order to achieve that, capacity building among FAO colleagues and implementing partners in the regions on a coherent application of the PCP is of paramount importance.

The PCP-FMD roadmaps should be developed where most needed and regularly updated and their implementation supported, assuring proper ownership of the process by regional institutions and involved countries.

In addition, studies that highlight the socio-economic impact of FMD should be promoted as they are key to sensitize stakeholders at all levels for further engagement.

At country level additional support to FAO offices as well as government counterparts in formulating projects and approaching the donor community should be provided.

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