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Surge in diseases of animal origin necessitates new approach to health – report
Burao slaughterhouse sets a milestone in the Somali meat industry (Highlights)
FAO coordinates strategies to respond to Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia in Africa (Highlights)
FAO hands over Coordination of Animal Networks to Regional Coordinators in West and Central Africa (Highlights)
FAO and partners coordinate Chinese-EU Animal Health Research with launch of LinkTADs (Highlights)
More than 50 specialists from Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean come together to build a sustainable livestock development agenda (in spanish)
Milk and dairy hold potential for improving nutrition of world’s poor
Families on city fringes prosper thanks to small livestock project
Syria crisis: FAO launches vaccination campaigns against transboundary animal diseases in Lebanon (from the field )
EuFMD e-learning: new tools for new challenges
Building communities in the Sahel that can weather shocks
Overcoming smallholder challenges with biotechnology (Highlights)
Fourth Global Agenda of Action meeting aims towards practice change
Cassava as animal feed in Ghana (from the field )
Inception workshop of “Technical and institutional support to veterinary services in Armenia” Project (from the field )
FAO technical assistance to improve veterinary Quarantine Services Capacities in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen (from the field )
Foot-and Mouth Disease e-Learning course
Livestock and climate change mitigation: learning event
Major cuts of greenhouse gas emissions from livestock within reach
FAO, OIE and WHO unite for World Rabies Day to call for elimination of disease
Major cuts of greenhouse gas emissions from livestock within reach
Bird flu could re-emerge in upcoming flu season
Too early to draw conclusions on source of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome infections in humans
Georgia joins the European Commission for the control of foot-and-mouth disease
Accurate and comprehensive feed assessment – a pre-requisite for sustainable livestock sector development
Information from the entire dairy value chain in one place!
Another step towards greater feed safety
Livestock loans in four localities in eastern Sudan (from the field )
Multi-stakeholder action for sustainable livestock
Large support for Sustainable Livestock
FAO adopts radio to reach smallholder dairy producers in Kenya
Empower women livestock keepers key to food security
from the field:
Uganda and Kenya agree on animal health coordination in border areas
FAO assists in first steps towards controlling trans-boundary animal diseases
Livestock livelihoods
Cross-border animal health coordination agreement between Kenya and Uganda
Supporting local dairy development and nourishing schoolchildren
from the field:
Towards a strategy for the control of Peste des Petits Ruminants in the Arabian Peninsula
Autoridades sanitarias y ganaderos de la frontera colombo - ecuatoriana unidos contra la aftosa FAO lidera capacitación binacional sobre educación sanitaria (in Spanish)
Updated Situation and Events of H7N9
FAO gathers international experts for urgent risk assessment on H7N9
In 2012 was the first year without FMD outbreaks in half a century in the Andean region: (in spanish)
The progress made in the eradication of FMD in the Andean region contributes to the reduction of poverty and to food security.
Peru expects to receive international certification as a territory free of disease, which contributes to poverty reduction and food security
China's bird flu death toll rises to 16, government warns of spread
FAO ECTAD encourages everyone to pay close attention to the events of H7N9
Workshop on Implementing Guidelines of the Viet Nam Prime Minister on A influenza (H7N9) Control and Prevention
Working together to ensure feed and food safety
World’s gene pool crucial for survival
Strong biosecurity measures required in response to influenza A(H7N9) virus
Improving Animal Health Planning to Control Avian Influenza in Egypt (from the field )
Netting flies and mosquitoes protects livestock and boosts milk yields
The fight against FMD contributes to the eradication of hunger (from the field - in spanish)
Cell phones revolutionizing Kenya’s livestock sector
Tackling child labour in the livestock sector
Making trypanocidal drugs quality control possible
Significant progress on joint action for sustainable livestock sector development
FAO Symposium highlights the importance of enhancing feed conversion efficiency for ruminants