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FAO and partners identify key policy challenges for livestock and climate change
Joint FAO-IAEA research looks for a stable-isotope based method to quantify feed intake
New global framework to eliminate rabies
The EuFMD Modeling Network webinar series is back!
The potential impact of climate change on breed distribution
FAO issues guidelines on conservation and use of world’s genetic resources for food and agriculture
Need for developing country to strengthen quality control systems in feed analysis laboratories
Governments recognise successful partnership with private sector and civil society
United against Rabies
U.S. backs FAO efforts to combat global animal disease threats with $87 million
The partnership between FAO and the animal feed industry grows steadily stronger
from the field
Course: Rabies, herbivores and “One health”. Moving towards an integrated health management (in spanish)
FAO Viet Nam’s hatchery biosecurity project
One step closer to end rabies in Viet Nam
8 Golden rules for sustainable development of dairy
A virtual course enhanced capacity of extension workers to manage feed efficiently
FAO convenes meeting on Anthrax in West Africa (from the field)
WHO, OIE, FAO and GARC call to invest in defeating human rabies transmitted by dogs
Animal feed safety addressed during the Codex Alimentarius Commission
Texas A&M University and FAO committed to promoting quality in feed analysis laboratories worldwide
Utilization of Food Loss and Waste as well as Non-Food Parts as Livestock Feed (Highlights)
from the field
Technical and financial support to be given in Viet Nam to keep humans and animals safe from diseases
Wildlife discussed at XIV World Forestry Congress in South Africa
FAO and government of Uganda launch a smart livestock vaccination campaign targeting over 2 million livestock animals
Pakistan Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards Training Programme will be an effective tool to handle livestock emergencies
ASEAN livestock sector plan of action in finalization
FAO interventions help raise women’s status and up poultry rearing in India
E-conference: ‘Utilization of Food Loss and Waste as well as Non-Food Parts as Livestock Feed’
from the field
Central Africa sets out its roadmap towards the eradication of the ‘Peste des Petits Ruminants’
Layer-broiler chickens going to small farms hurt by conflict in eastern Ukraine
Hardy cattle boost Zimbabwe farmers’ incomes
Worries rise over outbreaks of avian flu in West Africa
FAO projects win prizes at EXPO 2015 (Highlights)
from the field
Goat and sheep production in the Caribbean set to improve thanks to FAO artificial insemination workshops
Child Education for Rabies Prevention
La FAO Sénégal pour une approche « Une seule santé » au Sénégal
French Government and FAO invite to reflect on the value of animal source food
Games of drones
from the field
Bulgaria undertakes animal disease outbreak simulation. Exercise aims to keep Foot-and-Mouth disease virtual
Lutter contre les maladies animales dans les régions de l’Adamaoua et de l’Est du Cameroun suite à l’afflux massif des réfugiés Centrafricains et de leurs animaux
West and Central Africa discussed coordination and synergies to contain Avian Influenza
FAO organized livestock trainings for field veterinary staff in Quetta, Balochistan
Ensuring feed safety: a must for the entire food value chain
You can manage what you can measure
from the field
Staff from the Wildlife Department, Sindh joins FAO for the control of Trans-boundary Animal Diseases
FAO-WHO’s Joint Assessment on the Preparedness of Avian Influenza A (H7N9) in Viet Nam
Pakistan qualifies for Stage 2 in Progressive Control Pathway of Foot and Mouth Disease
GLEAM, a comprehensive life cycle assessment of livestock sector’s environmental impacts
Somalia registers record exports of 5 million livestock in 2014
FAO predicts worldf ood import bill to fall to five-year low
from the field
A tribute to the work of the Joint FAO/IAEA Division for the Control and Eradication of Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR)
World Malaria Day: How a Nuclear Technique Could Provide a Future Method for Mosquito Control
Emergency cattle vaccination campaign underway along Syria-Lebanon border
The EuFMD online training course is available also in Russian
from the field
Awareness is key to stopping African swine fever in Eastern Europe
Workshop on Development of Livestock Policy and Monitoring System in Viet Nam
FAO attends Agriculture and Animal Resources Fair of Abidjan, SARA 2015 A sign of encouragement to invest more resources in agriculture
Grippe aviaire au Benin: Une mission de la FAO pour l’état des lieux (read more in French)
Countries pledge to wipe out sheep and goat plague globally
You are what they eat: The importance of animal feed for public health
Fight against brucellosis moves from strategy to action in Georgia
Fortalecimiento del sistema de prevención y control de la Rabia Paralítica Bovina (in spanish)
FAO ofrece cursos de autoaprendizaje sobre plaguicidas, agricultura familiar, riesgo agroclimático y fiebre aftosa (in spanish)
Le Tchad et la FAO lancent une couverture sanitaire et alimentaire du bétail (in french)
When livestock really matters
FAO's role in addressing antimicrobial resistance
Crunching genomes to boost animal health
Keeping foot-and-mouth disease under control in the Balkans
Feed regulators and industry from around the world discuss critical issues with FAO and IFIF
A new e-learning training module on ‘Improved Feeding Management’ released
Growing concern for South Sudan’s herders as conflict displaces millions of cattle
Stakeholders Gathered to Discuss Making Poultry Value Chains in Northern Viet Nam Safer and Healthier (from the field)
FAO Shares 8 Years of Achievement for Bird Flu Control in Viet Nam and a Future Commitment (from the field)